Free Wal-mart Organization Essay Sample

Training of employees is essential in Wal-mart for its success. Training and development will equip them with the knowledge about the organization, how to handle customers and how to improve relationships, coordination, and communication among employees themselves and the other stakeholders. Before training is conducted, training needs assessment is done to know what training employees needs are. This will be important in planning the schedule or the lesson plan and transfer of training for it to be effective and efficient in meeting the needs of the employees. After the analysis of training needs, methods of training will be chosen to be used so that it fits what the employees and organization want. After the training has been conducted, evaluation will be done so as to understand and to find out whether the training achieved or accomplished the intended purpose to the employees and the organization as a whole.

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When assessing the needs of training in an organization, the human resource manager establishes who, when, where and why training is needed. This is where a gap is determined between the skills and knowledge of different employees. Need assessment involves organizational, task and individual analysis. Concerning organizational analysis, the organization's resources is assessed so that the operating costs of the company may not be negatively affected. The Wal-mart human resource should consider gender concerning a group and their language fluency to clearly understand and assess the welfare of employees. This will ensure that, the organization is committed in fulfilling its set goals and objectives and to maintain or improve its image and reputation through provision of quality products.

Wal-mart as an organization has grown substantially and extensive because it has embraced information technology and adopted a focused strategy on human resources because financial resources have been set aside for employee training and development. The organization has been accused by the National Labor relations Act from the US government for violation of this Act especially in 1995 where it received approximately 60 complaints on lack of employee training and development.

Individual and task analysis is about employees working for the organization who are unhelpful and condescending; these are employees of ages between 40 and 50. This has made the company to test them to understand the questions concerning their skills, abilities, competence, and knowledge. This can be achieved by use of structured questionnaires that will ensure employees open up their views, grievances, and areas of weaknesses that need to be improved through training. Assessment is therefore important because the company is able to understand the customers complains and the effects of their dissatisfaction about the company and among the employees.

Wal-mart has adopted several methods of training its employees based on the assessments that identified the needs of the employees. Leadership out In Front program is used because it teaches the field associates such as co-managers, marketing assistants, and all assistant managers. This method is meant to improve the services offered to the customers of the company to satisfy them.

This method was adopted after an assessment was conducted and found out that, customers were dissatisfied with the services of the company. This was therefore needed to improve service delivery and to ensure the customers get satisfied because the employees will be efficient and effective in service delivery. This method is disadvantageous to the junior employees because it is only meant for managers or top management of the organization. The achievement of all this will be realized during evaluation of employee performance so as understand whether the customers have been satisfied after the managers underwent training.

Orientation program is conducted in the organization to explain to the new employees on the culture and structure of the organization within the shortest time possible. This is meant to make them familiarize themselves with the organization and to explain to them what they are suppose to do. This method may not effective because the new employees may not get the reality and the truth about the organization because it is conducted for a short period of time (Sullivan & Zaino, 2005:267).

The store learning training program is used to train employees on the most efficient and effective methods of delivery in virtual classrooms in a few chosen stores of the company. This is important because the employees will assess and evaluate their skills, achievements, and competencies. Identifying employee needs can be difficult and can be manipulated to suit ones needs but training is through consultation.

After training is done, evaluation is conducted and the organization has adopted input evaluation method because it is effective and relevant to the organization. This method is effective because it will evaluate all the employees including the top management are evaluated to know their performance. This is important because all the audience who are the employees of the organization will understand their performance rating and areas that need to be improved. All these will happen because of the time schedule planned.

The information will be analyzed and presented in form of a report to all employees. This will ensure the employees will give their own views on what they gained from the training and what they have achieved after the training. This will be used to measure the effectiveness of the training and to assess the time used for each activity. The company's human resource managers are able assess the time allocated to each activity and the expected performance; where incase of any deviations, corrections can be instituted. Training evaluation and effectiveness is meant to find out whether the employees understood what they were taught and the ability to apply them practically.

In conclusion, training is seen as an important success factor in the Wal-mart company. Training will ensure employee effectiveness because of the evaluation that will be carried out after training so as to ascertain whether the employees understood or not. This will be based on the method used for training.


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