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Pricilla’s Pretentious Provisions is a grocery store which aims to provide superior and innovative products that leaves the customers fully satisfied. Due to high competition, market trends as well as future trends, the Pricilla grocery has decided to employ some approaches that will meet up the anticipations of the store. This will enable the stores to compete favorably and enable it to meet the market demands in the ever changing market. The industry produces food products and wine items that are not found in the average grocery and are considered of high quality. Therefore, the Pricilla grocery store has decided to employ the marketing mix such as product, price, people and promotion in order to achieve the following;

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  • Become competitive in the competing market.
  • Provide better innovative products that will be marketable in the competitive market.
  • Provide services that leave the customers fully satisfied.
  • Distribute more products to customers thus increasing the profits of the industry.

The industry has decided to produce food products and wine items that meet the demanding needs of the customers thus satisfying them fully. The products will solve the needs of customers thus providing them fully satisfaction. The potential customers are currently purchasing the products that attract their attention. Therefore, the industry has decided to differentiate products and design them in a way that appeals customers in the market. Moreover, the packaging system would be changed but they would be in line with the overall branding decisions of the industry. The products would target all different kinds of customers including both men and women. However, products such as wine would be sold to customers who are above eighteen years. Those food products that complement each other such as peanut and blue band would not be supplied to customers in the same market.

The price can be used in determining manufacturing cost, delivery or transport cost and the profit margin. This will enable the industry to determine if it is making losses or profits. Additionally, it can be used in determining the margins for upscale products. This may be suitable in the sales channel whereby the company would be required to determine the way products would be sold in the market. Extensive research should be prepared in manner to conclude the best place for selling products. This is vital because prices in the market do vary thus affecting the smooth running of the business.

The industry will use people especially the stuff members in building customer satisfaction. This is through carrying out training programs especially on the way stuff members are supposed to deal or handle customers. This is vital because people are the basic element of any service in a business entity. The stuff members would be trained to change their cultural behaviors and alter the customer‘s experiences in order to meet individual needs of each customers. Additionally, the stuff members would reiterate products in order to ensure better product are produced that meet the needs of customers.

The company will offer promotions to the customers thus they will employ some techniques of communicating to customer about products online. One of the techniques which would be used is mass selling techniques such as use of Internet services. This is because it is a faster method and it will reach to various people more rapidly. Another technique is use of brochures and other forms of printed sales. This would be used in communicating about the products offered in the market. The brochures are vital because people expect companies to produce printed literature for their companies thus prefer reading them.  Moreover, use of e-marketing is vital because it more credible and time saving.


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