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Free American Culture that can be Identified in a Brand Name Essay Sample

The American culture can be retrieved from different brand names used all over the country for various reasons. Most of these brand names are meant for selling different products to Americans with an aim of making profits. In this regard, the culture of Americans can be observed in some of the slogans used for the different brand names. Although some of the issues surrounding such slogans and brand names are controversial in the sense that they are not connected to all Americans, some fundamental cultural characteristics can be noticed. This paper seeks to evaluate a brand used in marketing beauty products for men all over America. The brand name ‘Men’s health’ as explained in ‘turning boys into girls’ depicts diverse cultural characteristics ranging from traditional to contemporary. This means that either traditional and current practices or beliefs of the Americans can be identified within what the brand name advocates for, in line with physical appearance in men. Therefore, what values, images, and ideas do the brand market, and how does it accomplish these to bring out certain cultures among Americans?

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            The first cultural trait observed in the brand is that American men have always been comfortable with their natural looks. This is despite the fact that the brand uses this element to market beauty products and services to men. According to Michelle, most Americans are aware that no matter how uncomfortable they feel about their looks, there are certain specific cultural norms that describe what being cute and attractive means. This implies that Americans have a taste of conforming to what nature provides. They believe that they have little they can do to fix nature and that nature provides the best. However, the brand slogan tends to discourage Americans from accepting all natural looks with the impression that they can be corrected and improved. This is one way that the brand uses to establishing a beauty culture for men, thus accomplishing its goal to encourage males to use beauty products and procedures to improve their looks. Americans have fallen for these marketing deceptions and established another culture that has both traditional and modern aspects.

            American men have always yearned to look appealing for a long time. This culture is becoming even bigger with time because men are not attending beauty procedures more than before. For instance, the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery in 1980s has doubled from one to two in every ten procedures done on Americans currently. This implies that American men have always yearned to look attractive just like women and are still perusing the status. This goes along the craving for looking young and energetic by all Americans. Studies show that 20 percent of Americans get a pedicure and manicure with another 18 percent using skin procurers such as masks and mudpacks. The brand uses this feature to persuade Americans to use their products in order to achieve the best physical appearances just like any other American will need. This strategy is shockingly effective because Americans are buying the products more than ever before. Opting for beauty products in the past and even more currently is apparent that Americans have, are, and will always yearn to look attractive before other people.

            Another striking value marketed by this brand is that Americans have a culture of using expensive commodities even when they are overpriced. Men's health suggests that Americans would go ahead and spend a lot of money on expensive beauty products such as colognes, which are remarkably striking. This depicts Americans as people with a culture of perfecting on preferring highly priced commodities like beauty products. In fact, Michelle (1998) reveals that some product would be boldly labeled as ‘expensive stuff' to attract attention from more people who end up buying them happily.

            Americans are extremely proud of their genders. This culture has existed for a very long time and still exists. It is evident from the brand that men would not prefer buying products that suggest they share women insecurities. Therefore, the brand name tries to avoid this issue by selling the products as originally made for men even though they work for women the same way. The president of open presses interface (OPI) cosmetics Mr. George Schaeffer admitted that it would be exceedingly difficult to transfer women beauty products to men even if the products are suitable for males. In this regard, the president suggested that products with more masculine characteristics should be designed for men. Some these products should have ‘studly’ features. This is a connotative language used by the brand to mean impressive and powerful thus bringing out the pride in men associating themselves with strength. The fact that men will not feel comfortable using products associated with women is enough evidence that American identify themselves exceptionally along gender lines.

            Being attractive and presentable is a cultural belief with Americans that   one is likely to achieve more. This is because most Americans believe in the fact that stars are the way they are because they look presentable. In this regard, they believe that one has to be attractive to manage to be in the most advantaged position in society. According to Michelle, the best movie and sports stars are fantastic looking because they probably use a range of beauty products that enable them gain such immense recognition, despite the fact they are talented. Another good example that the brand utilizes is the fact that not only a rich person can manage to get a good-looking maiden, but rather one with additional beauty characteristics. The idea being marketed here is that men have to look attractive enough, in addition to their wealth, in order to get beautiful women as life partners. Moreover, modern Women have also gained substantial grounds in financial stability and do not give first priority men with money for spouses. This is another reason that the brand uses in luring men into using the products, which will improve their outward appearance.

            It is also evident that Americans are always engaged in the battle of sex’s wit either sex battling to outdo the other in all social and economic perspectives. Women are depicted to be having a forehand in terms of being attractive from the outside thus disadvantaging men in a situation that require one to be beautiful. This can only be defined well by using the term gender politics. This is because there are some facts that cannot stand a test of time in that they are formulated to downsize the other gender. The men’s heath brand tries to level the ground for both sexes by giving males more attention than to the females.

            With many products circulating in the markets, Americans are displayed as people who have a culture of going for the best. The brand uses this characteristic to ensure that it brings out the targeted products as the best. Men’s health explains to men about how they can get the best looks by having lovely hair, nice teeth, red-hot wardrobes, nice skin. The brand insists further on how men should ensure that they have the best hair thickening gels, cutes golf apparel, and the hippest wallets. All these are cultural practices that the brand exposes in Americans. It does so by showing how Americans would choose to go for these products so that they can attain the said standards.

            In conclusion, from the brand name described in this paper, it is evident that several cultural behaviors among Americans can be singled out. These behaviors are both traditional and modern and affect people in different ways as directed by the products being marketed. It is also worthy to note that the trends in culture as depicted by the brand name are supported by various marketing strategies used in selling the beauty products to the people. Therefore, a brand name can be used to investigate the different cultural practices and beliefs of a society.


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