Free Apple, the Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders Essay Sample

Apple Computer, Inc., initially known as Apple Inc, is a worldwide company that deals with the creation of computer software, commercial servers and consumer electronics. The core products created by Apple Company are Macintosh computer line up, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are the founders of the Apple 1 in 1977, 1st April that later incorporated Apple Company on 3rd January the same year in Cupertino, California. In 1996, Jobs who had been expelled, returned in the company and became the CEO whereby he introduced products that were of simple design and recognizable. In 2001, Apple Company introduced iPod music player, which made it established as the best manufacturer of consumer electronics. The company first started with the iPhone and later iPod touch that is now advanced to iPad. Lately, reports say that Apple Company is developing a new type of iPhone, which will be different from the other available iPhone in the market (Carlton 87). This is the iPhone 5, which it could be better that the iPhone 4. Many sites report that, the late Steve Jobs had been working hard on the projects of the iPhone 5. Reports say that the new iPhone 5 will have features and attributes expected that are friendly to the apple’s clients. For instance, iPhone 5 will be bigger screen, of 4-inch, than the known palm friendly iPhone 4. According to research, many users are not satisfied with the size of the screen offered by iPhone 4; therefore, the four inch that the iPhone 5 could provide, may be the solution to this problem. Another rumour is about iPhone's the resolution, which will help in the display of pictures on the screen. The increase of the UI size will increase the strength of resolution and this could lead to brilliant experience of video watching by the users (O'Grady 125). The iPhone 5 will also have a larger memory capacity of 64GB. Many users of iPhone have heard many complaints with the 16 to 32 GB memory and; therefore, with the large memory of the iPhone 5, users will be satisfied, reducing users’ complaints. IPhone 5 will also have a good quality battery that lasts for long compared to the other iPhone. Sources say that the new iPhone 5 will have a fireproof material made of halogen free retardant. The iPhone 5 will also be thinner than the iPhone 4, which is 9.6mm. It will be 7.9mm and this thinness is due to the consolidation of the LCD display layer and the touch sensor layer, which is not in the other iPhones.

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Marketing strategies are the ways a company use to distribute their products to their customers, as this is the main goal that many companies wish to accomplish. Therefore, a company must understand its customer in order to connect with them easily. Marketing is a way that assists the company in achieving success together with well-defined objectives and goals. The Apple Company; therefore, should come up with strategic plans for achieving success. With the introduction of a new brand of iPhone, Apple Company needs to look for targets for their market. Some of the characteristics Apple Company is supposed to target for the new product are the people of upper or middle income since they are willing to purchase the product in order to experience the best services. A person with a decent income is able to purchase the new product hence benefiting the manufacturers (Linzmayer 65). Another target is people who use technology for fun such as social networking and games. IPhone offers such activities, and since one is able to carry it anywhere, the user is able to access to such activity at any time. People who like taking photos and shooting cameras are the best target for Apple Company since their new product offers these features. Another target for the apple company is children between the age of twelve and thirty-five. These people are music funs and enthusiasts. They like listening to music and watch videos from the internet. The apples company fortunately offers products that have access to internet and have suitable phone screens for watching videos and photos. Professions in design and media are also another target for the new products of the apple company. This is because they can easily access to the internet, take videos and photos whenever they are during their profession. These include people like journalists and designers, who could be the most buyers of the iPhone 5. One of the qualities many sources report that could be in the iPhone 5 is the large four-inch screen. Some sources say that the expanding of the screen by the apple company is for supporting the PC market since most sellers in the market have 9.7-inch iPad only. Apple Inc. Company also manufactures iPad, which the company mostly targets to advertisers, mostly news presenters. Presenters prefer these products because they are small and comfortable to handle when presenting news (Linzmayer 65). Many presenting companies have bought iPad since they are suitable for their presenters. Apple Company also targets school students since they are researchers of educational information. Apple’s products, especially the iPhones are internet enabled and this makes it easier for the students to access educational information from the internet. Moreover, the big screen makes it easier for the students to see the information clearly without straining the eyes.


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