Free Approach to Marketing to Children Essay Sample

From the list given, is the most ethical marketing site for children as it has the entire required ingredients which support both physical and intellectual growth in them. The site offers all the relevant materials for children development, it provides coloring pages, crafting ideas, game & fun, products for both parents and educators and other supportive contents. Failure to incorporate stuffs like movies and other obscene graphics to the site makes it perfect for the kids. Sites  offers entertainment facilities for the kids through movies, TV shows, Charts, Video games, and other shopping gargets which particularly suit them. However, it fails to include the academic aspect which is vital to growth and development in a child. Without the academic aspect the site fails to develop children skills and knowledge which strategically place them in a better position in future. The on the other hand offers games, promotions, snacks and other favorable recipes perfect for the kids. But still it does not include the intellectual aspect in it, making it an imbalanced site. And lastly from the list, the purely concentrates on the health status of a child. It’s ethically perfect for children but still it does not incorporate the intellectual growth aspect which is vital to the children growth.

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The markets gargets for modifying children’s behavior through motor and reflex actions. The game and fun section of the site also offers relevant materials which offers stern or soothing voices to the kids, making it perfect for children in sensorimotor stage. Its crafting ideas and story studios give children a chance to exploit their personification talents. The site therefore works perfect in the preoperational stage as it offers equipment to touch giving them an active role in learning. During preoperational stage children takes information and modify them to particularly suit their minds and ideas. The crafting and story studio section of the site gives them chance to develop such talents. The website thus helps children to exploit their vivid whims and improves on their under-developed skills. Since during this stage children tend to apply their newly acquired knowledge of language and symbols, avoidance of obscene words and symbols in the site makes it ethical and suitable for them.

At concrete stage, when accommodation and ability to think and make rational judgment, the site does it well through the story studio section where children are given opportunity to internalize and express their feelings and opinions. Although children may be interested on other sites which offers information that perfectly relate well with their day-to –day lives, this site is the most ethical one. Sites with movies and other corrupted graphics and information may negatively impact on their behaviors as they try to practice the scenes. However, the well sorted wording and graphics in the Crayola makes it suitable for the children approaching adolescence.

The site also have educational sections for the educators and parents which offers guidance and counseling session to children in the formal operations stage also known as the adolescence stage. It provides mentoring services which help the children decide well using their deductive and hypothetical reasoning. In conclusion it is appropriate to say that is the suitable marketing site for children as it offers balanced ingredients necessary for the four major development stages in a child.


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