Free Argentina Cultural Marketing Insights Essay Sample

Cultural and social environment factors are intensely critical in all aspects of business transactions. To a great extent, they determine what kind of business is carried out in a region, by whom, and when the business can be carried out. The culture of Argentina practically has a considerable impact on marketing, and determines the level of marketing; type of medium used, and how the marketing is carried out. This essay develops a cultural and social profile of the country considering the implications of the cultural and social environment for marketing in that country.

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The official language for Argentineans is Spanish. Though the Spanish is a little different, they can communicate with ease using their language. However, it is noted that the Argentineans are diverse in language as they can also speak other languages for instance English. This, therefore, means that a marketing approach in the country can use diverse communications and reach the appropriate target with ease. With local products in Argentina, using Spanish in marketing is favorable to ascertain a high number of customers being reached and understanding the message.

The culture of Argentina ideally leads a marketer to see what kind of services or products that has potential success within that country. An excellent example is that, with the social behavior of Argentineans, it is evident that Argentines do not like trying different kinds of products besides pasta and beef, therefore calling for marketers to adapt to these foods to woe the local customers in their marketing.

Marketers, on the other hand, need to look at imperative holiday dates in Argentina in order to develop their capacity in creating an opportunity of selling seasonal products, which can be actually profitable on the holiday seasons. With many holiday dates being set on the Catholic tradition, marketers must abide with the catholic doctrines and come up with products that are in line with the doctrine to capture the interest of many customers.

Argentineans are remarkably precise regarding their social customs for instance greeting and social interactions, role of an individual in society, status and age distribution. It therefore means that, in any marketing approach, there is a need to demarcate the products or services being marketed in these distinctions. An analysis of their behavior shows that the Argentineans value status, meaning that marketers must specific attention to these aspects in any marketing strategy outlined for implementation in the country. For instance, Argentinean expects everyone to be polite and respectful, some of the virtues that any message in marketing should value.

Marketers need in Argentina also need to take a whopping consideration of the ethnic groups in Argentina. Argentina has natives being the largest group ethnically, but on the same note, the country hosts other people coming from diverse races and these people distribute unevenly in Buenos Aires. It therefore means that, in all aspects marketers must use a targeting and segmenting method of a diverse nature including a mixer of the language of advertising, the medium used and other social cultural aspects all geared towards the right positioning of the product. With football and tango being the main leisure activities; and part of the extensive culture of Argentina, over and above holding as a national identity, marketers will also need to consider these activities and use them as fanatical avenues of advertising their products to make them more localized and valuable to the Argentinean population.

Finally, it is worth noting that Argentineans value body image a vast deal since it is part of their extensive culture. Therefore, there is a prospect that the cosmetic, medical and agriculture industries will be growing rapidly in Argentina in the coming years. As a result, marketers have to input this and consider venturing into this field for prospective marketing and success in business.


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