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The internet has been the recent new thing in the world attracting different people. Many entrepreneurs have adapted the use of the internet to conduct their transactions. There exist online companies that manage and conduct business deals online like the Bewari marketing company. Bewari can be said to be a hypothetical company situated in Dubai and allows interactions from the Gulf countries. Bewari can be said to be one of the best and reliable online marketing companies. The gulf countries have benefited enormously from the online marketing since it makes cost cheap as it does not involve traveling to shops to purchase. Bewari has been the leading online marketing company in the Gulf region for the past years. The functions of Bewari marketing can be explained in details according to Michael E. Porter in the internet and strategy sections. Many internet businesses have been analyzed by Porter and came to two vital conclusions. One, many business conducted online seem to be artificial and engaged in artificial competitions. The second conclusion would be that there exist new rules of competition that make the business successful.

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 Therefore, the marketing should be on both buyers and sellers for more profit. The Bewari market has been in debate on the decision of focusing their marketing to the sellers and buyers.

Internet and online business

According to ‘strategy and the internet’ companies that have embraced the internet technology appear to have been confused by distorted market signals, often of their own creation. The present case study appears to analyze the businesses involved in the Bewari online marketing. The main question would be if the online business should market to both buyers and sellers. This would be because most businesses tend to market only to the buyers. Any company should focus on both buyers and sellers. The sellers might assist in the promotion of products sold online. They may also try to cause competition by selling the same products or even similar products. This can be said to be a vital issue that requires proper advice to companies in what to do when it comes to marketing. Porter believes that internet strategy leads to profit to both buyers and sellers. Porter believes in five models of business supplier power, threat of new tenants, threat of substitutes, buyer power and rivalry.

Importance of both buyers and sellers

According to Porter, the economic value of any company would be defined by the gap and the cost. This would help in gaining the sustainable profitability. The aim of all businesses is to create an income for the owners. Bewari should prioritize their targets and should also do anything to achieve their targets. The threat of new entrants should be suppressed by the thirst for profit. Buyers and sellers help in the acquiring of profit since they help in marketing the product to other customers. There also exist fundamental factors that help determine profitability in any company. They would include finding out the structure of the industry and the sustainable competitive advantage.


Buyers appear as the most targeted people when it comes to businesses. Buyer power according to Porter should be strong in order to have monopsony in the market industry. They often make it a habit to acquire their requirements from the same store and make the shop reliable. The customers also inform others of the product and they also try out by visiting the shop or online market. This helps since it helps to acquire many customers through the information transfer from one buyer to another. Bewari ensures that their online products are of reliable quality to satisfy the customers. When the quality of products appears to be low, they chase the customers. They seek other options or other online markets. This could be quite a challenge for the company in trying to be at its best. The buyer power for Bewari should be maintained strong by making sure Bewari becomes the significant market for many buyers.

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Sellers can be those who purchase goods in whole sale for sale. They can also be other producers of similar goods and these would then lead to competition. Competition according to Porter can be considered as vital necessities in the success of nay business. The different companies would be in competition trying to outdo each other from the marketing industry.  People in the gulf region rely on products from Bewari who appear to have the best products in the region. Therefore, sellers should be targeted when it comes to marketing products by the Bewari business online. There may be a large number of online sellers making it easy to interact online. This can be evidenced by Porter where he claims that computer strategy has helped significantly in the e-business in the Bewari case study. The seller should feel powerful by selling the products at higher prices so that they gain profit. The profit appears to be reflected on Bewari markets too. This can be a long term goal for the Bewari business.

The five force model by Micheal Porter can be said to be essential in the Bewari Company. A SWOT analysis carried out on the company and a report appeared as below. The strengths of the porter five force models would be the fact that it brings long term profitability to the company. The weaknesses of the company would be said to be the lack of knowledge by various business people. People should be educated on Porter’s model to enable apply them in business. Bewari can be said to be an effective opportunity to utilize the model. Threats of the models should be accorded and considered as they may have analyzed the faults in the Porter model. There should be both long term and short term implementations for the Bewari Company. The application of Porter’s model could serve as both a long term and short term implementation. Bewari should utilize the internet and strategy by Porter to gain more profitability.

Many other companies have decided to form a partnership with the Bewari Company. This may lead to outsourcing according to Porter that helps in widespread currency of the notion ‘virtual enterprise’. This decision would be in favor of Bewari as they have to advantages from the sale of the product of the other company. The companies then integrate their business with Bewari making it larger and more profitable. This integration also helps in the management and funding of the company. These could happen due to the involvement of many other people in the business and its marketing. They could have many customers all over the world that help in introducing new products for the Bewari Company. It also helps in the introduction of new ways to manage and control the company making it modernized than earlier. Buyers and sellers appear to be the most crucial aspects in Bewari online business when it comes to advertising their products (Rao & Awan, 2009).


In conclusion, the Bewari online business should focus on marketing their products to both buyers and sellers and discovering the amount of profit. This appears to be advice from the M. E Porter, so they can be totally trusted when it comes to business matters. The challenges of dealing with competition should not be a problem as there can always emerge a better company according to the value of goods. Porter analyzes the internet and its uses it business to enhance more profit.   


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