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This is a concept that is concerned with the ways in which a business delivers its service to its customers, the forces and processes applied the quality of service and the manner in which they are delivered. Considering the two outlets McDonalds and Burger King Restaurants we get to see the diverse ways in which service delivery can be done.

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McDonalds is a self service fast food chain, where customers pay on the spot as orders are taken. The cooks prepare orders as soon as they are made and served soon as possible. Facilities and equipment are laid out in efficient manner as roles and procedures are clearly defined which ensures effective service delivery. However, it does not allow its workers to have decision making authority, believing that if so many people are left to make decisions concerning their operations, consistency and speed will be compromised. Only some few persons are left to make decisions so as to keep things on order.

Most of their employees are youths who have less than college education as less decision making power is required of them as well as offer cheap labor to the company. Through low production costs, the company makes more profits. Overall efficiency in operations is the key goal of the firm. The low production cost is one of the major strengths of this firm but it is faced with a problem of redundancy of services and low innovation due to the fact that training and expertise are not emphasized.

Hungry Jack, one of Burger King’s outlets is among the largest fast food hamburger restaurant focusing mainly on burgers as their star products along other low priced products. The ownership of Burger King is about 12% while the rest is on franchise. The global restructuring strategies the company adopted enabled it to have an enormous change in cost saving. A customer arrives at the restaurant and makes contact at the shop then enters and waits for service at the queue; where at the same time contemplates on what to order from the menu. There is interaction with staff at the counter where open customer service relation is established. The customer order is then send to the kitchen paid for then waits for it.  The customer is issued with transaction receipt. Napkins and cutlery condiments are provided for, after the order is processed, they proceed to the table sits and enjoy the meal.

The fact that they have low production costs enables them to sell their products at good terms and range themselves far beyond the competitors. They sell cheap meals at recession times but even after the recession is over they still focus on the high value of their meals though it keeps off most families. The company concentrates too much on the male youths as their core customers even in their advertisements; this can be a point of weakness that can lead to collapse of major areas of its operations as potential competitors can take advantage of this.


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