Free Effects of Snack Marketing Research Proposal Essay Sample

Background information

Cadbury is a subsidiary company of the Kraft Foods that produces a range of chocolates worldwide. Cadbury’s headquarter is based in London, United Kingdom, but has branches in over 50 countries worldwide.  In addition to chocolates, the company also owns other products like the Black Jack and Dolly Mix chewing gums. Its latest products introduced into the market are BiscBits and Big Race chocolates. It also manufactures ice cream and cakes under licenses from Frederick Dairies and Premier Foods. Cadbury has over ten factories based in UK alone.

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In its efforts to maximize sales and increase market share, Cadbury has deployed an online marketing campaign strategy to reach its potential global customers. This involves carrying online promotions, advertisements and website developments among others. A good example of such successful promotion done recently by the company is the Snackdown Online Promotion carried by Cadbury Ireland between March and May 2011 in which winners were awarded weekly prizes. It greatly helped in boosting sales volumes as countless consumers made online orders with a view of being the lucky winners.

Research Objectives

This research paper will investigate the effects of snack marketing campaigns on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, with more emphasis on Cadbury. It will investigate the company’s online marketing strategies, for instance, eye-catching and appealing presentation of products. It will find out the impacts of such campaigns on consumption trends and consumer behaviors. Previous studies show that more than 37 percent of people trust information they read online, how does this influence their decisions on Cadbury products? It will also find out the percentage of online-market share held by Cadbury, and what percentage of total sales is constituted by online purchases.

Similarly, it will find out the major challenges faced by companies that market their snack foods online and how they overcome such challenges, for example, security of online payments and confidentiality of customer information. This research will inquire whether Cadbury’s internet campaigns beat advertisements on TV, radio and print media. Finally, it will examine how the quality of websites and content presentations influence the success of these campaigns. Although the study will focus on Cadbury’s products, data and information on competitors’ goods will as well be considered and presented.  


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