Free Impacts of Marketing by Corporate Giants Essay Sample


Marketing is a main strategy used by corporate giants such as Pepsi, McDonalds and Apple Mac in their attempt to boost their sells. All the corporate giants try to come up with unique ways of advertising in order to influence their potential and target consumers to buy their goods.

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All the corporate giants have the marketing influence of getting consumers hot-wired into their all consuming world. These corporate entities usually have a tendency of trying to control all the media channels in order to be viewed as been superior in the market. They do this by any means necessary. Besides, their advertising has a major influence on children. Innocent children are usually aimed by corporate advertisement since they are easy to convince or to dupe. The corporate giants make children believe that their products are the best in comparison to their competitors’ products. In general, it can be argued that the marketing of such corporate giants is definitely aimed at children consumerism (Story & French, 2007).

The corporate giants have the power to control the advertisement trends. In addition, they engage in conventional advertising strategies as they have sufficient cash to practice such marketing unlike small corporations (Gupta, (2009). This is a type of advertising which involves the corporation giants in the identity of the design of a market plan which entails the identity of their target market and economic values. They also have power in the advertising world as they can use a variety of channels to market their products since they are widely known and enjoy maximum publicity. They also try to control the media channels as many media exist to sell their audiences to potential advertisers (Lee, & Johnson, (2005).


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