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Defiant Gaming Incorporated (DGI), a company headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota is in its second year of existence and is seeking to grow exponentially in the gaming industry. By adopting a narrowed but intense approach to marketing, the company is hoping to curve a niche in the increasingly competitive world of gaming. The pilot product of choice is Ballistic Chicken; a new and interactive browser based, which the company, after surveying current market trends, decided to develop in HTML5 protocol as opposed to the more ubiquitous Flash. The reasons for this decision are discussed hereunder. It is the hope of DGI that the marketing strategies found here shall be instrumental in helping push the sales in the first year of business to a point where the company breaks even in the shortest time possible.

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Situation Analysis

In order to develop a comprehensible picture of the challenges, weaknesses, opportunities, goals and objectives, it was crucial to utilize a multiplicity of marketing tools during the situation analysis. The tools chosen were SWOT analysis, the Ansoff matrix, and PESTLE Information. The results of the SWOT analysis indicate that some of the positive factors that DGI is facing are internal, such as the strength of having a good financial standing due to the focus of resources to limited areas of technology and external, such as the opportunity to be in the mushrooming popularity of browser-based gaming among the youth coupled with the rising usage of the HTML5 protocol for gaming, which not only makes the gaming experience on browsers faster and more seamless, but also makes it easier to work on mobile devices. On the other hand however, the negative factors include the weakness inherent in small upcoming companies such as DGI being faced with much larger players in an established industry and the threat of the failure of the HTML5 protocol to gain the projected popularity

With the PESTLE analysis, an overview of the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors surrounding the company was examined. The conclusion was that political factors such as tax policies, trade restriction would not pose a challenge, economic growth would be fairly achievable since the company has already developed a strong asset base, the culture of gaming will definitely play out in favor of continued business, the technological choice made in opting for the HTML5 protocol was a good one, and the activities of the company do not pose any environmental effects. To that end, DGI is confident that the gaming industry shall be easy to break into.

Marketing Strategies

Finally, with the help of the Ansoff product/market matrix it is clear that because the circumstances surrounding Ballistic Chicken make it a hybrid phenomenon, cross-cutting marketing strategies are necessary. Ballistic Chicken is an existing product entering an existing market in the sense that browser based games are already available and the market for them is already thriving. Conversely however, it is also a new product since its form (the HTML5 protocol) is relatively new and it is also facing new markets in the sense that online gaming is opening up on the smart phone and Android platforms. For this purpose market penetration and diversification have been chosen as the focal marketing strategies. The activities chosen for market penetration are based on interactive communication skills that largely bypass traditional advertising such as blogging which is popular with the target demographic. So as to increase the leverage of DGI in the new markets, branding techniques alongside a partnership with a company engaging in the development of applications will be employed. This will increase DGI’s visibility and therefore help in popularizing the product.



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