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Market Integration and Fairness:Evidence from Ultimatum, Dictator and Goods Experiment in East Africa. According to Jean Ensiminger’s research on market integration and fairness, it was established that people behave differently towards economic experiments. The study was based on evidence from ultimatum, dictator and public goods experiments across East Africa. It emphasized on varied cultures and societies whose evidence justified specific market involvement. This being an intercultural project the data used relied on experimental economics. The author had plans  put in place to carry out the survey thus capitalizing on theoretically inductive and other feasible methods as tools to interact with people in the grassroots hence developing a hypotheses of the subject matter was an easier task.

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The study highlighted aspects of the Orma, (a pastoral-nomadic community) living along the Kenyan coast in  East Africa. They are associated with commercially- oriented lifestyle. Experimental designs required the involvement of the society and the local leadership within the setting. The Orma community is largely illiterate therefore making them familiar with the games was quite a task.

By introducing games through research assistants drawn from the community, the assistants played the role of game masters since they used their native language. Other measures were incorporated to make the research site ideal for  instance the participants of the games were offered a show up fee to motivate and give them enthusiasm. This was done in a manner it did not manipulate the outcome of the games.

In conclusion, it was evident that the market integration correlated well with the offers. However, the author’s data was not definitive since some relationships varied the outcome depending on market involvement. It was worth noting that the stakeholders of this particular study. Obvious challenges varied from logistic issues, language barriers, shortage of currency in the right denominations etc were well managed despite the changes in political economy among factors associated with nomadic lifestyle.


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