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Marketing plan is part of an overall business plan that our business (Pricilla’s Pretentious Provisions) is putting into consideration to overcome the competition that exists in the market, to win the loyalty of our customers. The department of marketing has decided to employs the use of 4 Ps of marketing that is product, people, price, and promotion to meet the customer’s satisfaction and to increase the sales since they are the controllable elements. These elements will be implemented fully as explain bellow.

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  • Product: here the store will focus on product to stock and offer to our customers. Products in broader meaning include physical substance and the services. Being grocery provider and we specialize on food (fruits) and wine, to maintain the upscale image of the store proper and presentable packaging are plan be practiced, maintaining provision of safety products i.e. product which safe for human consumption and also meet quality and quantity standards to customers. Branding if encourage will help to win the customers loyalty and build the name of the store.
  • Price: the store is going to focus both on customers and the stores benefits. Price is the only element of the 4 Ps of marketing that involve revenue hence its impact can be dramatic that is the store can increase their revenue at the same time customers can also benefit. The store has put into place strategies like skimming, penetration pricing, and giving customers discount to encourage buying. To staff members they will be given allowances and incentive to motivate them. If all these are done the image of the store will be maintained.
  • People: the store will use the staff members to help build the customers satisfaction. Staff members will undergo training of how to handle customers, services provision while on duty and how to maintain the cleanliness in their work places. Well treated customers will be loyal to the store and the store sale will increase since there will be greater demand for products because of the proper and improve services that will be offered after training the staff.
  • Promotion: it focuses on improving communication to customers. The store has decided to employ to forms of promotion that will reach the customers more conveniently due to the nature of the product offered. Advertisement through media (radio, television, and daily magazine) have been identified since they will reach the customers and also personal selling  has been recommended since the eye to eye contact with the customer can easily convince the customers to opt for the product. If two forms of promotion are properly implemented the sale of the store and image will be maintained.

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