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The Coca-Cola advertisement ad with the slogan "Coca-Cola, enjoy " is the best  that I have seen, this advertisement  campaign ad was designed to promote Coca-Cola products consumers the world over through persuading them to internalize the belief that Coke adds a special magical touch especial during great moments of  their lives. This created the notion that Coke is one of the life's most special and reasonably priced pleasures, the Coca-Cola Company conceived of its new advertisement campaign slogan as the request to consumers of its products the world over to enjoy Coca-Cola. The campaign theme in this slogan was global, However the Coca-Cola campaign strategy used the locally available resources in different countries which enabled it to create the individual commercials which were relevant to a variety of the local cultures and tastes.

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Though I have been exposed to hundreds and thousands of advertisements from different companies on a daily basis but I have kept this advert in mind the since interested me, and got all my attention, this because it is committed to long-term memory which make customer, me included take some action. In case you are like most of the consumers, and not much sticks. I think Coca-cola's ad shows that it has the most effective campaign. From my analysis I have discovered that they use the following techniques;

  • Confusing content. This ad is a successful advertisement because it does not tell the whole thing in one advertisement. It is one of the best ads because it focuses the main ideas.
  • It has placed a lot of importance on the cost. It has been written as if the price is the only variable. As a consumer am always looking for a fair cost, Coca-Cola makes sense out of the fact that consumers don't even respond to the ads due to price alone.
  • It has too little repetitions yet it ensures consistency, it does not concentrate too much on the products, but it is adequately based on the consumer. It a successful advertisement ad addresses the consumer and it makes the consumers see the need as to why they must buy Coca-cola products and how they will gain a lot of the benefits from making use of the products. Unlike the other ads it does not waste a lot of time & space talking about the products but instead it addresses the consumers and their requirements.

We feel better buying certain product and service vs. others following exposure to certain ad campaigns because such campaigns position the brands in a way which takes the advantage of all the elements of marketing mix, such as the product, place price and the promotion/distribution. This enables the company to develop the brand personality which distinguishes itself from the competitors; it therefore offers the consumers with a clear view of the brand values. This leads to the increase in the brand loyalty and satisfaction. The campaign develops a strong brand image which is related to the brand loyalty. The more a brand satisfies my demands as a consumer, the more the brand makes me attached to the brand. The brand image entails the purchase frequency which is boosted by the effective advertising campaigns and the company's marketing strategies (Clow & Baack, 2007).

The product can expand its customer base and enhance the customer loyalty by meeting its customer needs and raising the customer satisfaction. The branding strategies place a lot of focus on changes which the market realizes and the consumer sophistication which requires different approaches and branding changes.

In early stages of developing an advertisement campaign strategy, the company focuses on making its brand affordable, readily available to the consumers and be satisfactory in the aim of getting a brand that which will be right away be recognizable and at the same time be highly valued in the consumers' minds. In the efforts to adjust its advertisement campaign strategies especially  to the new consumer needs, Coca-Cola company focuses on building the brand identity through contribution of value for the price, and means of  separation to meet consumer needs , and develop a pervasive penetration. Coca-Cola is committed to the strategies which will make it the corporation with a strong brand identity and a striking brand image.

The company is committed to making sound decisions that will help it into the processes of selecting the components of an advertising campaign which include the content, type of the communication channels, frequency, discount and incentives, the media types, amount of direct selling, and the overall communications mix.

The advertisement campaigns have taken a course, with the Increasing trend in which, other types of media have overtaking the traditional media which include channels such as the television set, radio and the newspaper, this is because of the shift towards the consumer usage of the Internet for the purposes news and music.  The advertisement campaign on the internet is a recent development. The Coca-Cola Company realized that the Prices of Web-based advertising spaces are dependent on how the surrounding web content is relevant and the web traffic on that particular page. (Williamson, 1994) The Integrated, cross-media type of advertising campaigns are the most effective for modern marketing, the cross-media campaigns strategies have an undisputed effects on the perceptions that the consumers have on the products.

The decisions that the company makes on the campaign strategy can have the synergetic effects on the actual buying behavior and the ultimately sale, this kind of effects however, do not have the measureable levels. It is beneficial for the company to analyze these effects and the corresponding interplay of all the components during the initial stages of developing a campaign strategy. The cross-media campaigns normally have the greatest effects than the single-media campaigns, it is important for the company to note that the internet use has the direct impact on the purchasing decisions.

In product promotion, strong brand image is normally related to its loyalty. Therefore, most customers' demands are met, because the consumers are attached to the brand and are hold on to it by default. The company's product brand image determines the purchasing frequency which is greatly boosted by the successful advertising campaigns and the marketing strategies. Through this the corporation is able to expand its customer base and enhance the customer reliability by ensuring that it meets the customer needs thereby raising the customer satisfaction. (Pomoni, 2010)

The company can constantly assess its consumer responses to its brands in order to evaluate the consumer perception and discover the consumer believes on its products. In most cases the Consumers relate the particular brands with the symbols and the promises that are made in the advertisement campaign strategies. Similarly, every product is related to a particular level of customer satisfaction which is determined by the collective memories of the target audience.

According to Williamson, (1994) Most companies optimize their campaign prior to launch through crowd sourcing  which has given way to the trends in which the user-generated advertisements are made. The user-generated ads are mainly created by the product consumers as opposed to those that are developed by an advertising agency or the company itself, most often these are as  a result of  the brand sponsored advertising competitions. These can also be effected after the campaign has been launched based upon the campaign results and the customer campaign feedback.


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