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Free Men Store Layout Essay Sample

When dealing with men, convenience and time management is important because of their shorter span of patience and efficiency preference to beauty. Simple and spacious arrangement of a retail store would make them view shopping as fun but crowding is discouraging and would easily make them pass by (Klopper, 2006). This knowledge is important in shop partitioning and product arrangement with regards to this target market. This paper describes a simple menswear shop design that intends to clearly define how a typical store will attract and retain male customers for maximum sales in male products.

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Men Store Layout

The basic retail store layout principle focuses on convenience and time saving aspect of the customer. Due to repetitive nature of the target customers, it is important to clearly place products in locations defined and separated by function to minimize congestion as well as have some order. Men are habitual by nature and precise in their shopping thus the store layout must ensure easy access and visibility of merchandize. This target customers, rarely window shop or spare time to sample and discover products.

The grid system of arrangement with regards to sections is important and convenient for men. The system is certified as low cost as compared to other store layout patterns, which is an important aspect in this case. Consideration of the proprietors as students yet to break into massive investment involving huge financial costs makes it the best system that would enable them save some funds. The grid system encourages customer familiarity and can easily allow one to be guided in the shortest time possible in terms of number of line/aisle. The aisles are the convenient way to encourage customer self-service thus cutting down on the number of employees and consequently, reduction of the salary expenses. The aisles ensure simple security because regular positions can be identified for shop attendants to monitor activities in the shopping area as well as outside the building. The Aisle/grid system ensures cleaning of the store as well as dusting of the products is made easy and takes a short time to be done. That is why some cleaning can go on without interfering with the customer shopping activities. Likewise, product exposure is effective because of the regular arrangement of the products and shelves. The grid system ensures that products can be effectively placed in sections that have total separation which makes stock taking an easy exercise. The stock attendant can easily tell through observation which section needs to be re-stocked and which section is slow moving in terms of products (Newman & Cullen, 2002).

The Grid/Aisle System








Customer changing closets




Low display cabinets


Staff area




Display Shelves


Aisles/ corridors




Display windows





The sytem has a weakness of appearing plain and less exciting. This can be harmful because female shoppers may not venture to shop in such a store for their male relations. The owners can introduce mirrors and different shapes/ designs of structures in the interior design phase. This system also limits the ability for shoppers to view and try on impulse products. Considering the location and primary client target, the proprietors do not need to worry about this shortcomings at this first stage of expansion.

The grid system is in three major segments namely the display windows/section which runs along the wall with the front entrance, 70x3 feet. This should have manikins to model clothes and other accessories, as well as well displayed products. The middle section should run along the first section. It should be bigger, forming half or more of the building space which is 70x25 feet. This section should contain a counter that is elevated and placed more centrally for easy access by customers to ensure their queries regarding price and directions are attended to (Newman & Cullen, 2002). The shelves and display screens for products are also lined along the walls and evenly placed in rows in this area. Two low shelves with retractable drawers and glass display should be at the very centre of the room in front of the cashier’s counter. Movable clothe racks can also be strategically placed to cover any free spaces. The final part is the stores private area comprising of the office, staff restrooms, staff area for relaxation on breaks, and the stock storage room. This takes an area of 70x12 feet.

The product layout for men demands that essential commodities be placed at the display window and along the aisles at the centre of the room near the cashier. This would trap the impulse buying urge that is scanty in men. Men are private by nature and so the underclothes and any private products should be in a far corner away from the glare of passersby and centre area full of movement (Klopper, 2006). This will leave room for specific products that would bring a man to the shop at the far aisles where they must go while passing the essential products such as shoe polish, brushes, belts, wallets and body sprays among others.

In conclusion, the layout of preference must be able to create space for more products to be displayed and yet offer even more room for customer movement. The best method to create this illusion and set the shopping mood is to apply different colours on various walls and sections. The lighting is also efficient if varied brightness and colour is applied. Proper placement of mirrors is the ultimate trick in lighting and room creation and can make clients stay longer for maximum sales to be realized.


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