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Mobile advertising it's the promotion by a firm of its products to potential customers, where such communication is delivered to a mobile phone. The company intends to market its products and make sure that are known to the people. In order for the company to make money they have to create a website account. The screen space is limited. There is only one space for advertisement at time. The language to be used in the advertisement should be simple and vital to your success. The company can also ensure that the advertisement contain an audio sound. The advertisement should also improve the quality of viewer's lives while making them feel important and respected. It should also persuade motivates and inspires and respect the viewer's right. This will enable the customer to know the product better. (Hart, 2002).

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The alliance is a contract between two or more independent firms to work together for the purpose of achieving the common objectives such as aggressive advantage or customer value formation. The company can approach the various companies in order to have an alliance. The Bright cove Inc, it helps in structuring customer website and video presentation. The company also enables the customers raise their businesses and increase the role of online video on the web. The company can also approach the Companies such as Metacafe or Clear spring. The alliance will help the company launch technological values for the industry that will benefit the firm. It will also bring complementary skills and resources that neither the company could easily develop on its own. The firm shares the fixed costs of emerging new item. These enable the firm to maintain its stability and enhance its growth. (Davidson, 2001).

The company needs to have the following tools in order to produce and encode a video. An overview, this will differentiate the product from the other competitors. The price, which will be used to purchase the services of the firm. Input filed types and out files types that will be acceptable to convert the video format. Access where one can purchase or download the product.  The system requirements, this is the operating system required to run the system. (Bidgoli, 2004).The company will have the following benefits; the customers always get the intended message, there is location awareness, improved time relevance. It also reduces the targeting errors and improves data managements. (Arnold,2010).


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