Free NRANEWS: Case Study Essay Sample

The case study of NRANEWS is essentially a challenging issue which has introduced the competitive nature of rivalry between traditional and brand media. The PR campaign needs to be targeted directly to the audience supported by strong legal feasibility and implication. It is necessary to reach out to the audience with well designed PR campaign which focuses on research, planning, execution, evaluation recommendation.

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The problem in the case of NRANEWS ha been issues related to restricting political campaign which has been supported by BCRA 2002 directing its focus to communication as a critical service offered to its premium members.

The PR Campaign of NRANEWS is one of the most influential grass-root level organizations with nonprofit revenue. The regulation, News and other services are aimed to offer brand value which is systematically and effectively promoted. NRA has historical presence for 135 years targeting its audience with focused advertising, in the form of traditional magazine as well as expanded powerful channel of communication offering branded media exposure. (Lattimore et al.2008).

It is a leader in lawmakers association with dimensions impacting wide range of humanity with its brand exposure which reaches out and touches the audience as part of their PR campaign.


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