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St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California

The Quality Improvement plan provides a formal process by which St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California attempt to endlessly improve the level of care and service offered to members and its cancer patients. It utilizes objective and subjective indicators to plan and assess the quality of clinical services offered to patients. This plan points out the approach used to prioritize and tail opportunities to advance services, and to solve recognized problems.

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Continuous Quality Improvement plan has the following

a. Patient satisfaction

b. Blood and blood component administration and utilization

c. Performance evaluations based on age appropriate care and competencies

d. Medical Records documentation intra-disciplinary team

e. Medical administration and utilization evaluation including adverse drug reactions


The rationale behind Quality Improvement Plan is to enable Tumor Registry of St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California exercise a consistent attempt to offer standard care in an environment of minimal uncertainty. The Plan allows for a methodical, synchronized, and continuous approach to advancing deliverance by putting focus on the processes that deal with these issues.


For patient care to be coordinated, a collaborative effort is necessary. The approach to advancing performance may entail a couple of departments in establishing the processes that involve performance advancement undertakings. This program, founded by St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California, with aid and approval from the Medical Staff, has the mandate for guarding all aspects of patient safety that relate to the treatment of diseases. For it to be possible to solve any breakdowns that may result in sub-standard patient care and safety, there is need to strive to endlessly enhance and facilitate better patient outcomes. (Office, 1991)

Mission Statement:

St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California is committed to offering a wide range of

services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and any other assistance to the cancer patients and their families. With the experienced physicians, St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California offers a platform to push for advancements in the level of care by making sure that the best treatment options are accessible to the patients and also by enabling patients and their families in adjustijng accordingly with the physical and emotional effects of cancer.

Scope of Cancer Program:

For there to be full range of services, there have to be a able cancer committee that will be tasked with  publishing annual reports, conducting cancer workshops, maintaining a Cancer Registry, coordinating  programs with community agencies, and promoting professional education in the cancer program team. (Authority, 1992)

Quality Improvement goals in place

1. Ensure that diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are performed for clinically genuine reasons.

2. Ensure that health care services are available to all parts and every person who has need of them can access them with ease.

3. Working towards the objective of offering expected outcomes.

4. Ensure that there is an accurate and complete documentation system of the clinical care process.

5.  Focus on offering reliable and up to time communication and consultation, diagnosis, communication of findings and tests, and timely referrals to enable continuity of care.

6. Provide for a clear compilation of data that can be easily comprehendible to other organizations, including reference databases.

8. Ensure that effort is made to offer care that is adequate to grantee patient satisfaction.

9. Comply with the requirements of all federal, state, and accrediting agencies in respect to quality assessment and execution improvement undertakings. (Group, 1991)

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Quality Improvement Principles.
Quality improvement is an approach that assess services and establishes a way out of improving them on a priority basis.  St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California approach to quality advancement is based on the following values:

  • Customer Focus.  Organisations that are quality orientaed focus on giving maximum satisfaction to its internal and external clients or even superpassing their clients expectations.
  •  Recovery-oriented.  In this case, organisations run with the focus being on promoting their patients welfare. This results to maximum flexibility and choice hence meeting the individual objectivs and allowing person-oriented services.
  • Employee Empowerment.   Successful programs involve people at all stages of an organisation attemting to improve quality always.
  • Leadership Involvement.   For there to be success and improvement, strong leadership, direction  and support of quality adavancement undertyakings is inevitable. the governing body and committee chairpersons are key leaders to propel and advance improvement.  This participation of organizational leadership ensures that quality improvement initiatives match with the mission and principle plan.
  • Data Informed Practice. Effective quality improvement processes create feedback loops, using data to inform practice and measure results. This should enable the organisation to make solid decisions that focus on fact finding.
  • Statistical Tools. For there to be  continuous improvement of care, tools and methods are essential to enable knowledge and more understanding. organizations use a range of analytic tools such as, cause and effect diagrams,run charts, flowchart, histograms, and pareto charts to make data more comprehensible..
  • Prevention Over Correction. Entities that seek  Continuous Quality Improvemen design suitable processes that will assist them to achieve excellent returns rather than fixing mechanisms after the problem or gap..
  • Continuous Improvement.  Processes need to be continually monitored and improved.  This will enable  incremental changes insitituted hence realising the required impact.

The key to the success of the Continuous Quality Improvement process is leadership.  The following describes how the leaders of St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California provides support to quality improvement undertakings.

The Quality Improvement Committee will be mandated to provide continous leadership in respect to  undertakings at the clinic. This committee should meet at least after  every two months or not less than ten (12) times per year. It should be composed of family member of both adult and children settings and the chairperson.  The responsibilities of this Committee will include:

  • establishing and approving the Quality Improvement Plan.
  •  developing measurable goals that should be  based upon priorities given through the application of developed criteria  for advancing the quality of clinic services.
  • establishing indicators of quality on a preference basis. 
  • regularly evaluating data based on the indicators and taking action as shown through quality advancement initiatives that will assis to  solve problems and excute opportunities to advance quality.
  • developing and supporting concise quality advancement initiatives.         
  • Regular reporting on the quality advancement undertakings of the clinic  to the board of directors.
  • Developiong a formal approach that can be used to ensure continous quality improvement such as Plan-Do-Check-Act.


The Tumor Registrar will enable efficient coordination and execution of Quality Improvement Plan, and will identify methods, professional literature, standards, statistics from reference information banks, and whatever information needed to enable the Committee to assess their performance, to plan advancements in patient care, and to execute such advancements. The Tumor Registrar will require sources to identify opportunities for advancement. Some of these sources are:

  • Comparative survival and outcome data
  •  Institutional, regional, or national importance issues.
  • surveys  on patient/family satisfaction
  •  Unacceptable results discovered during regular quality checks by the various departments of the hospital.
  • Variations from developed treatment guidelines those remain unexplained.

The responsibility of the Chairman is to

v  Direct the assessment of  information by committee members

v  Provide guidance in respect to prioritizing advancement opportunities in respect to their effect on advancing patient care

v  Final selection in respect to where more emphasis regarding quality should be put

Evaluation of the Plan:

The Cancer Committee performs annual evaluation of the Quality advancement plan and determines the efficiency of the plan. The following areas are to be evaluated:

v  Indicators that can be used to monitor and assist in identifying  high volume, high risk and problem prone locations of patient care

v   Effectiveness of process that can provide information to the community regarding access and availability of care.

v   Statistical data relating to desirable patient outcomes, and the efficiency of the roles of committee members to guide the quality improvement of the clinic.


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