Free The Importance of Nonprofits Organizations Brand Essay Sample

The nonprofit's brand refers to the price that a nonprofit organization would be willing to offer to acquire its brand if it did not possess it (Reich, 2009). It is determined by estimating the amount of revenue that the brand contributes to the organization. The nonprofits brand goes beyond the organization's name, logo, and products offered by the organization. It refers to what people think, feel, and share about the organization. It is the impression that people have of the organization's work. It influences their response to every message that is sent by the organization and the actions they undertake to support all the projects initiated by the company. Positive branding assumes a fundamental approach to all organization's forms of communication and includes such activities as promotion and events (Spell, 2010).   

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A brand is a marketing and positioning tool for a nonprofit organization. Presently, nonprofits operate in a competitive environment; they compete for funding, employees, board members, strategic partners and volunteers (Todd, 2010). Branding sells everything that is associated with the organization. Thus, it gives the organization a competitive edge over its competitors. Various factors affect the nonprofits brand; these factors include revenue, the propensity for future growth, and the brand image. The effectiveness of the nonprofit's brand is determined by the organization's product (Deatherage, 2009). The strength of the nonprofit's brand image is determined by the acquaintance with the organization, the organization's significance to the people, the geographic coverage, efficiency, support base, share of voice, and growth.

The Red Cross and ActionAid are among the popular nonprofit organizations operating in the international scale. These organizations adopt different names depending on the country of operation. Thus, the organizations brands vary within different geographical regions. However, internationally, the organizations brands are popular more so in countries where the organizations have established a base. The organizations are of significance to the people since they aim at eradicating human suffering and operate efficiently. These factors have acted to promote the brands of the two organizations internationally.


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