Free The Security Plan Clothing Store in the Community Essay Sample

Floor plan

            Planning ahead of everything is always a good idea. This is so because the prior planning makes things run smoothly and keep on track.  The floor plan can successfully make a difference in the outlook of the entire clothing store. In creation of the floor plan, the retailer should make it easy for the customers to be able to survey through the store easily and access all the clothes stocked with no difficulty. The geometric floor plan is most suitable for the clothing stores. This is so because it incorporates the use of racks and fixtures to create an interesting and a presentable clothing store, incurring relatively low expenses. In designing the floor plans, one should also put into consideration the type of customers to be served. If serving the kids for instance, it’s highly recommended to paint some graphics or cartoons that are appealing to the kids. The target age, therefore should be considered while planning the layout of the floor.

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A list of the threats

            There are several threats that the clothing store dealers face in the course of their business processes. There are high threats posed from the immense robbery that is widespread in the modern times. Many of the retailers live in the fear that their stocks could be easily robbed. The store keepers are also faced with the risk of the escalating products prices, whose management and immediate response is never guaranteed. The store owners have a great threat when it comes to the customer overall response to the purchase of the products which are usually sold at high prices. Threats in terms of fashion trends are usually very rampant in t6he stores specializing with clothing. This is so because the emergence of fashions make the already stocked products have a lesser moving speed in terms of purchase.

A risk assessment for the threats

            A risk assessment should be carried out in any work place in which a risk of injury to workers or of theft of the business stock occurs.  Robbery can occur for either the business or individual robbery. It is highly recommended that as a tactic of managing risks emanating from robbery to business, all entrances, that is doors and windows need to be tightly secured  and at odd hours, such as at night,  the controlled entry and exit strategy should be administered. This will ensure that the people whose motives are known, and who cannot cause harm to the business gain entrance into the business only. It is also advisable that the business be fitted with alarm  so that incase the robbery occurred within the business hours, it becomes possible for the employees or any other person to signal the respective people like police or security officers, who can take the necessary steps in handling the situation at hand.

            On the issue regarding fashion changes, risk assessment can be done through avoiding buying of huge stocks of clothing. This helps in the fact that the fashion, if it ends up being out of the market, the retailer is still in a position to purchase the fashionable clothes as most of the clothes are prevented from turning into dead stocks. The business owner should also compare the many prices offered in the stores to ensure that the stocks get purchased in the stores that offer lesser prices. This helps the clothing store keeper to retail the products to his customers at convenient prices. 

Countermeasures that take each of the following components of the overall security objective into account:

Physical security

            Physical security covers all the devices, technological, external and internal protection. This takes into account everything ranging from sensors to barriers, lighting and access control. The physical security is a series of countermeasures to prevent the impact of an attack. It has therefore to be balanced against cost and any disadvantages.  For instance, an access controlled door might slow down the evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.

Personnel security

The security and countermeasures are used in business firms to protect information security objectives. High measures should be enhanced with the aim of securing all the personnel in a firm

Liability issues

            Despite the fact that persons are able to use a variety of apparatus, some risky or faulty items may root harm. To counter this, there is high recommendation for the company or the places of work to put measures that take care of the employees and the people the business depends on in place. This can be through the application of insurance plans that provide coverage for the sufferers.

Emergency plan and response to:

Bomb threat

            In the case of a perception of a bomb threat, there is need for the person to notify the security communications centre who in effect notifies the security departments (Kane, 1999). This in effect callas for serious investigation and the people who may be present at the bomb site should evacuate the place to avoid the consequences that may be caused by the bomb explosion. The security department is supposed to act much to prevent bomb consequences.


            Fire preparation development is very crucial to the employees of a firm. It is very important for the employees to know how to report and respond to fire emergencies. The alarms should be structured in open places where people are able to see clearly so as to trigger the alarm in case of fire (Kane, 1999). It is very essential for all people to be aware of the fire exits in the place of work. The fire emergency number is very important in such cases and should be dialed to prompt the fire team and the fire brigade to put off the fire.


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