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Advertising for the modern society becomes a casual thing and people apprehend it as a simple tool of marketing though the advertisement penetrates deeply into human’s consciousness. It is a philological manipulation of the personality in order to make a consumer to buy something. The system applies different effective techniques of influence, trying to convince for predisposition to the object or the service.

The purpose is to transfer the message from the advertisement to the customer. Thus, the effective advertisement of a toothpaste Colgate in the magazine exemplifies a bright element of direct message with the help of visual and symbolic issues.  It changes overall attitude to the presented product and applies innovative perspectives to pursuit the consumer that the product has high hedonic and utilitarian value. Although, the advertisement of toothpaste has stereotypic characteristics, it expresses the message to the consumer through the effective visual elements.

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Perceptual Interpretation of What the Ad’s Main Message

The advertisement of toothpaste Colgate Mineral Repair is presented in the magazine “InStyle”. It was published in November 2016. I believe that the main message that the Ad is trying to communicate to the consumers, who are the readers of the magazine, is the idea of strength, which is fulfilled on the ground of the readers common needs, and implemented with the help of slogan, appeal and proposition of value: “smile with strength”, “4 x better”. The advertisement applies variety of stimuli. Traditional blue color associates with fresh mint breath and purity. The most necessary words are the biggest on the page and selected with the help of a contrasting color. The model has quite untraditional position for the advertisement of toothpaste, what makes the message even more interesting for the consumers. The girl holds a white stripe in her teeth, demonstrating its strength. Moreover, her position and left hand associates strongly with boxing and sport in general because of her clothes and hairdresser. It causes a felling of reliable effect as the sport has.

Specific Cognitive Beliefs and Affect Emotions that are Being Stimulated by the Ad

The Ad uses different means in order to stimulate in the mind of a reader specific cognitive beliefs and affective emotions. Generally the presented ad stimulates the cognitive system of a reader. It bases on the common knowledge of a potential consumer. He/she beliefs that minerals make the teeth stronger. The information transfers slowly into affective emotions through direct gaze of a model, symbolism of her appearance, composition of a picture, and body language. These are associated with positive emotions connected with healthy, white, and strong teeth in a strong body. Emphasizing a value of a product an Ad conducts certain interactive, symbolical game in my mind, which are based on my knowledge, experiences through symbolism, associations and positive emotions. The current composition, situation and physical environment cause general effective impulse on the readers.

Portrayal of The Product’s Hedonic and Utilitarian Values

The advertisement in the magazine promotes quite new overall value based on the changes the experience of the evaluated effect and constructing innovative solution. The picture has internal influence and affects the consciousness of the reader. Thus, this mechanism involves psychology of a person and underlines the products both hedonic and utilitarian value. The ad portrays utilitarian value through slogans about mineral repair, necessity to have health and clean teeth. People feel this utilitarian value of the product through visual influence of the picture. In addition to it, the ad applies some element which underlines hedonic value of the product. It is achieved with the help of symbolical and associative aspects. These are: color of freshness, pleasure and effect of sport. The reader can notice both the hedonic and utilitarian value of the product because the advertisement is composed in the way that the consumer beliefs in it desirability, strong need, innovation and pleasure.

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Your Overall Attitude Toward the Selected Brand Name Consumer Product

Taking into consideration my desires and needs I feel certain attitude toward the selected product and brand in general. I believe that the toothpaste can really help my teeth to become stronger and whiter. Colgate associates in general with pleasant emotions for me. Moreover, it is not only a thing of casual need, it is innovative product which not only fresh my breath but also makes it health. Colgate presented in the advertisement does not has casual and traditional associations like other toothpastes in different advertisements.  This brand achieved new status in my consciousness. It seems as if physically strong, active, fashionable people use Colgate. However, this associations appeared in my mind after the viewing the advertisement in the fashionable magazine and on effective ad. 

Stimuli Used to Communicate Product Quality and Product Satisfaction

The advertisement applies different issues, visual, cognitive, symbolical and connotative element in order to stress the product’s quality and the consumer products satisfaction. “The perceptions shape the desirability of a product”. The advertisement promotes and illustrates quality of a product through effective, rich, promotional, and expensive advertising. Slogans, which promises that Colgate is a number 1 brand which is recommended by dental professionals. It makes belief that this paste has quite high quality, though small and less noticeable words explain that it is - most recommendable product. Thus, the ad does not trick the customers but applies certain code of advertisement through changing the word composition. The consumer product satisfaction based on promising words: “smile with strength”, “vital minerals”. These are what the consumers need and want to achieve. These elements portray the general characteristic of a product and stimulate the reader to buy the toothpaste in order to get quality paste, which can satisfy all consumer’s needs and desires.

How Consumers Overall Attitude Towards the Brand Product Influences Judgment of the Product’s Hedonic and Utilitarian Value

Actually, I was aware about the advertised product and my overall attitude influenced on judgment the value of the product. Hedonic and utilitarian quality was stereotypically formed in my mind about the presented brand.  I know that Colgate has more utilitarian values than hedonic since it was always associated with health teeth. Nevertheless, additional information of the ad makes me belief that this toothpaste has also some hedonic peculiarities, even more essential as utilitarian. Certainly, stereotypic ideas concerning the brand connected with promised benefits, my personal emotional appeal toward the white letters on the red background having strong symbolical meaning. Thus, my overall attitude becomes an effective base for formation conception about the hedonic and utilitarian value of the product.

Thus, the advertisement of toothpaste Colgate in the fashionable magazine “InStyle” applies effective methods of advertising. The visual composition combines associative, symbolic, cognitive, and affective element in order to make the product successful on the market. The general expression of the ad illustrates hedonic and utilitarian quality of the product, though some details seem quite stereotypic because of the overall attitude toward the presented brand. Nevertheless, Colgate ad applies interesting technique of stimulation cognitive belief, affective emotions, leading to interaction with the reader. The general picture looks quite impressing and convincing because of symbolism and associations connected with sport and boxing, which are closely related to strength. However, I have some primary opinion about the brand and it significantly influences on my overall attitude and judgment the quality of the paste. It is necessary to admit that the general impression is quite positive and awakes positive emotions.


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