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W. Cleaning Executive Summary


W. cleaning agency is committed to ensuring that both invisible as well as visible dirt is well taken care. Furthermore, the agency have a vast set of experience in various environmental conditions that is envisioned in high security that takes into considerations hygienic status, high human traffic areas and locations that are with sensitive products. It is worth noting that Yarbrough’s cleaning agency is also involved in dusting and sanitizing the areas of operations so that its customers cannot be subjected to harsh environmental condition. The following analysis will look into an in-depth analysis of the company as well as in its SWOT analysis.

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The cleaning industry is usually involved in two primary market groups that entail the consumer and the commercial market. Those categorized as the commercial market that is characterized with the provision of cleaning services like carpet and window cleaning which is basically a target directed to businesses. Cleaning services requires that a company be able to concentrate its efforts within a chosen market so as to operate efficiently.

SWOT Analysis of  W. Cleaning Agency


W. strength in the market is illustrated with its dynamic resources as well as capabilities that ensure that it runs effectively. Towards this end, the company has placed in excess operating divisions throughout the country that makes it a brand to reckon with. This further indicates the reason as to why many people are becoming familiarized with the company. The other measures that has been able to give the company an edge over its competitors in the market is that it is able to offer door to door services on variety of activities and services. Some of these services include cleaning and laundry facilities that ensure that the customers have an option that suits their requirements (McLeish). The company as well sees to it that the customers are served without delay by delivering quick and convenient services.

In undertaking this initiative, Yarbrough’s has been able to build a good reputation among the customers and as a result, been able to win their trust. Creating a good reputation ensures that the customers continue enjoying the services provided by the company without switching client base. The extensive company locations also ensure that a large variety of customers are attended to at one particular time (Bohm). In the recent past, Yarbrough has been able to employ effective employees who are able to meet the growing demands of consumers in the dynamic market. Consumers have a favorable access to the distribution networks which ensures that there needs are urgently handled within the shortest time.


In a business environment, there are instances when the company will experience some weaknesses which might negatively affect its business performance. One of the major weaknesses that threaten the operations of Yarbrough is the competition from the already existing cleaning agencies in the country. On the other hand, trying to start from a point where they have no shares at all is a major weakness and the company cannot be able to support its activities in the event of a recession (McLeish). Despite the company having been in operations for a little while, it is less experienced as compared to its major competitors. For instance, going to compete with Jani-King and Jan-Pro among requires that they be in a position of a wealth of experience, which is currently missing.

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W. Cleaning Agency is not globally diversified as compared to its competitors. This is an indication that it has to trade in more than one country so as to get a global edge and advantage in the cleaning industry. Its competitors are also known to be more creative and innovative, a weakness that Yarbrough should build upon. It has been noted that the company has several locations in major town in the nation; however, these facilities are not close to the customer base. The company should consider moving its wide ranging facilities close to the customer base. The high cost of structure and facilities is proving to cost the company in adopting new technology. The firm is also not in a position to react speedily to the changes in strategic environment. The little financial stability in the company is the other weakness facing the firm and more need to be done in terms of injecting more financial resources. The processes and systems at Yarbrough need technical support so that it might continue to run effectively without major hitch.


As the population continues to grow, more opening will be the result hence W. should take the opportunity and respond to their needs. For instance, the growing population will present a scenario where the demand will be high. Increase in demand requires that a company be well prepared to react to the growth without another company taking advantage of the situation. Cleaning services should look at the target market. The working class and professional are effective customers that can boost the firm’s sales . These groups do not have enough time to take care of their laundry as well as the cleaning work in the family. It is vital that the firm take into account their contact so as to win their trust in service provision.

As mentioned above, increasing population is an indication of increasing state of demand and hence a worth opportunity. Cleaning services tend to be more tedious and hence people will prefer going out on the weekend for other leisure activities. This is an opportunity for the firm to capitalize on. The level of participating in the services being offered is essential and every aspect of the customer needs should be taken into account. So far, Yarbrough should be able to take this into consideration. The changing life style trend is a good opportunity for the firm to be more innovative in trying to respond to these changes. Another possibility that exists is the need to decrease the fixed cost as the increase in sales volume is being realized (Bohm). As the world turns into a global world, several countries are removing trade barriers that allow for free trade to take place. As the world enters into the age of globalization, new technology will continue to emerge. It is therefore vital that the firm utilizes new technology in serving its increasing customers.


The changing legal regulations within states offer a great threat to various firms. The arrival of new competitors will be able to swing loyal customers and this can results to the decline in sales. Furthermore, more companies offering the same type of commodity and service will present an environment of substitute products. It is also worth noting that increased trade barriers might be able to offer limitations towards the success of the company. 


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