Free World Camera and Electronics Essay Sample

Sales at World Camera and Electronics

Question 1, ANSWER

This case is composed of deceptive sales in extreme measures. This case represents a sale agent who managed to accomplish a sales deal but that was motivated solely by the financial incentive that lay behind it as opposed to taking into consideration the client’s needs and demands. Despite the knowledge that his client is a student and basically needs a common camera, the sales agent manages to convince him to purchase a high-tech camera, which he doesn’t need. The aspect applied in this case to seal a deal is deceptive in all dimensions. The fact that the sales person managed to make a sale of  an expensive camera does not justify his actions in any way. Instead these actions may be treated as criminal ones, because a student was literary forced to buy an unwanted merchandise . The fact that the sales person was supposed to receive a financial bonus from the sale is relevant as far as his moral principles are concerned in this case. The most significant motivation of convincing the client otherwise was the financial gain of the sales agent. Thus it is essential to have it considered in the moral aspect of the sales person actions.

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Question 2, ANSWER

The sales person encouraging an undesired purchase of a particular product is not regarded criminal in business ethics but as far as this case is taken into consideration, it does represent significant harm to this very customer.  The customers are supposed to accept the “buyers beware” principle while they are out shopping.

CASE 1: Foreign Assignment

Question 1, ANSWER

Every international company is obliged of ensuring that all substituent organizational units’ employees are informed of the work ethics and behavior with clients. In addition, it should ensure that policies are in place to govern promotions and advancement opportunities that are equal for all employees in various countries and should not be biased in any way. For instance, it is essential to ensure that the social customs of a host country should be never dragged into  work process.

Question 2, ANSWER

Moral ethics and conduct in banking and finance code are being violated in this case. The clients are encouraged to practice the prejudiced choice of who has authority to serve them and the administration led by the manager encourages it.

Question 3, ANSWER

The decision of the bank to follow the norms of the host country is correct in my opinion. This is because they have clients who seek a financial partner who serves their needs with minimal contact and fuss. For the bank to be appealing to people, it has to follow the norms of the host country.  Thus, this decision was not a bad one, rather it was set to effectively facilitate the clients’ satisfaction objective.

Question 4, ANSWER

International companies should ensure that the clients are conducted properly when in the premises of the organization whose violation would result to a criminal offense. This could be achieved by making them understand that gender segregation, for example, does not change the quality of service rendered to a client and their respected norms should not dictate their conduct. In addition, it would be wise to practise equality, integrity and other core values that are to be adhered to in the branch of work and commerce.

Question 5, ANSWER

In this case morality requires respect for Mexicans. This is because Mexicans are cultured that way, but they try to change the trend. Sara and Mexican norms are not incompatible. The two need a little bit more time and positive attitude and they will interlock immediately. 


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