Free BSN vs. ASN Nurses: Debunking Myths Essay Sample

There is a perpetuated belief all over that BSN nurses are different and better than ASN nurses in hospital hands-on work, a belief that is not accurate in the sense that they all perform professionally similar and skillful service to the patients. They do role out their duties in the same ways despite the difference in their way of qualifications. It is easy for someone to perceive that BSN nurses are the best because they receive their training in universities and take a longer time than their counterparts who attend community colleges for two or at most three years. But the practical work that is always the relevant aspect in most of the medical set up proves that both kinds of nurses roll out their duties with the same expertise and skills required of them.    

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a program that offers innovative courses that develop basic skills and expertise in the field of nursing and also provides additional spotlight in the management, community based nursing and leadership in the nursing profession. It is normally a four year degree course offered in tertiary institutions that; the first two years involving general education and science in preparation for nursing courses in the final two years (John, p11).

Associate of Science in Nursing is a degree course normally offered in community colleges and it takes two years for completion or in some cases up to three years. This course readies bedside nurses and qualifies one to undertake the exam that obtains one a Registered Nurse License.

 BSN and ASN are equally responsible for the direct care for the chronically ill patients since all of them qualify for the Registered Nurse which is a prerequisite for performing these tasks. Registered nurses who are both BSN and ASN advocate for patients in the terms of their health, care and recovery from sicknesses. They use the process of nursing to evaluate, plan and undertake nursing care of the sick in the hospital.

Nurses from both BSN and ASN can provide assist for patients in minor surgeries but with additional training for the specific surgical process and always with supervision and instruction for instance casting, and biopsies. They also provide prescription for physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments that the patients in the hospital may need. Community colleges that train the ASN nurses instill these skills in them just as well as the Universities do to the BSN nurses to ensure that patient’s needs are serviced carefully. They therefore have the same capabilities in hands-on hospital work regarding the patients. (Paul, p23).

They have skills in educating patients in hospitals on safe health behaviors, enhancing their skills of practicing self-care.  Additionally they also counsel those patients on treatment options. These skills are not only exclusive to adults since they provide child-care that includes screening and immunizations. In their training, they are all skilled to obtain medical histories of the patients they are assigned to attend to, conduct physical examinations and keep precise medical records of the patients.

Eric (p32) ASN and BSN nurses are skilled to advise patients on their health maintenance and prevention of diseases as well as provision of case management of different patients. They are professionally responsible for taking care of the sick by diagnosing, treating, monitoring and managing serious illnesses and diseases such as Hypertension, diabetes, cancer. Diagnostic studies are professional capabilities instilled in both the ASN and BSN nurses as they order, interpret and perform them. Such include x-rays, scan tests, lab tests etc.

It is therefore unfair to think that BSN nurses perform their functions differently and more skillfully than their ASN colleagues who have proved clearly that they do the same functions with the same expertise in the hospital setup where the patients are of priority. As different as their education background may vary, they still have the same important skills needed by the patients on practical situations in hospitals.


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