Free Critical Thinking in Nursing Essay Sample


Nursing is a profession that is governed by some set down standards by relevant state authorities in collaboration with the nurses, the government, universities and all other stakeholders involved. This essay will examine how the standards relate to and reflect critical thinking.

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Critical thinking in nursing

According to Baker (1996), critical thinking is a reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to do or deliver. It is said to be an attitude of inquiry that involves the use of facts, theories and principles to deduce and interpret arguments. Critical thinking is quiet important to skilled nursing and nursing as a career as well. The norm in nursing is that of intuitive nursing which must be performed with care, vigilance and with routine critique so that it does not result to significant negative implications. The student nurse is expected to develop intuitive and a skilful performance in nursing by learning by learning critical tools for nursing. The student is then to apply them reflectively and critically in all nursing situations. Through all these learning, the student nurses increases their expertise in reasoning thus ensuring quality client care.

Nursing requires critical thinking through myriad of problems and several issues that requires command of elements and intellectual standards. Therefore in the nursing profession, critical thinking will have to involve all the intellectual processes of applying skilful reasoning as a guide to take the best action then. Nurses are thus to critically think for clinical decision making in a systematic and logical manner with openness. They should be able to question and reflect on their reasoning process that is used to ensure safe and quality nursing practice and care.  When critical thinking is developed, it results to intellectual standards adherence, commitment to develop and maintain intellectual nursing standards, sound and safe decision making (The critical thinking community).


In the essay we have defined critical thinking according to the nursing profession as the reasonable and reflective thinking focused on what to decide. We have also discussed the importance of critical thinking for nurses and the nursing career as well. Lastly, we have seen the importance of developing critical thinking which results in adherence and maintained of intellectual standards and making of sound and safe decisions.


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