Free Does Diabetes Complicate Heart Cath Procedures Essay Sample

Does Diabetes Complicate Heart Catheterization Procedures?

Modern world of technologies provides students with the access to tones of information on any subject published in any place at any possible time. Humankind has the most powerful instrument for knowledge acquisition ever known in own disposition, however many of us misuse it. Searching for the answers to any question represents a four-step process that consists of the data, information, knowledge and wisdom continuum. At first, it is important not to get lost in the maze of data and actually filter the relevant portions of data. Nevertheless, receiving the facts does not mean obtaining the answer. Data has to be transformed into the information with the engagement of analytical thinking and conducting analysis. Knowledge step refers to the ability to use acquired information in the given context of the investigated question while wisdom continuum presupposes long-term usability of this information. This paper provides description of these four steps within the context of the searching the answer to the concrete question. The topic of the research is related to the relationships between the diabetes and cardiac cath procedures and it aims as figuring out the presence or absence of certain complications during these procedures derived from the consequences of diabetes.

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Diabetes is one of the most commonly spread health disorders that makes extensive impact on functioning of human organism and actually imposes certain restrictions to many clinical procedures. The selected question refers to the diabetes and cardio catheterization procedures setting the task to determine whether it is safe for the patient with suchlike disease and if not, what the possible complications are. In fact, it focuses on two subject matters diabetes and heart. The choice of this question is based on personal interest in both of these subjects and patients safety. In the course of research the intentions are to find some general information about diabetes and its impact on cardiovascular system as well as get understanding of cardiac procedures. The search area also includes the articles that are dedicated to the selected question and may contain statistical or descriptive data received during clinical researches. Collected information will enable synthesis of the facts and determination of possible risks for patients with diabetes.

The four-step process of investigation presents the framework for the search. The data collection that represents the initial step was conducted by means of electronic libraries. In this particular case I used the two online databases - EBSCO Databases and NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). Both resources enable to narrow the search by choosing concrete databases and type of sources. Hence, there were selected databases related to healthcare and the area of search was restricted to academic and peer-review journals. Anticipating the rare use of the two subject matters (diabetes and heart) in same article I operated the advanced search. Both databases enable AND option that allows setting the search of several words within the same article or title as well as specifying the location of these words (authors, title or article options). The entered search combinations included heart AND diabetes, diabetes AND cardiovascular, diabetes AND heart AND cath, diabetes AND catheterization, etc. The search area first was restricted exclusively to the title, but with three-word search it also included the search of matches within the body of the article.

The obtained results presented tens and hundreds of results sorted by relevance to the key words. The next step presupposed filtering and selection of substantial sources that would provide the required information. The decisions were made on the basis of brief acquaintance with the abstract of the articles and the context of the key words inside these articles. It was the most time-saving method to find out whether the source is relevant to the investigated question or not. There were selected four articles that were read afterwards. Having acquainted with the full content of the sources there was made a decision to leave only three articles. The article entitled Report of the Committee on the Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Diabetes Mellitus provides thorough information on diabetes and its relations to all human organs including heart and helps to understand the relationships between both (Seino et al., 2010). The article Risks and Complications of Coronary Angiography: A Comprehensive Review describes procedures that require catheter insertion in human heart and determines possible complication including the ones related to diabetes (Tavakol, et. al., 2012). The research that attempts to establish relationships between diabetes and heart cath with statistical facts is provided in the third article entitled Prognostic Significance of Diabetes as a Predictor of Survival after Cardiac Catheterization (Ghali et. al., 2000). Having analyzed the information from these three articles it was found that due to its impact on cardiovascular system diabetes poses certain threats to cardiac cath procedures including heart strokes, thrombosis or kidney failure as reaction to either procedure itself or the medicaments that accompany it.

To conclude, the searching for the answers to any question is complicated process that is significantly assisted by modern technologies. The online services provide the access to numerous databases that allow us to find everything we want. The obtained knowledge may grow into wisdom that would assist one in future. Wisdom itself emerges in the application of acquired knowledge in real-life experiences. The information found during the search within this paper is useful for future medical cases and may help in taking decisions about the right care. Reference to the theoretical information on practice presents progress from simple having the knowledge to its actual usage that in my opinion is the wisdom itself.


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