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I would like to thank everybody for the patronage and patience. I hereby take this opportunity to inform that the government of the United States acknowledges your services to the country, and it is honored to have you. Per se, the country has put much effort into recognizing the crucial role that you play by focusing on the possibility of the health care delivery system reconstruction in a bid for the services diversification. The country has certainly embarked on this imperative course with an immediate effect so as to insure an upward growth and shift of nursing practicae to make your services available to even greater number of the U.S. citizens. Such endeavor is not only going to benefit the communities but also the nursing fraternity at large (Cohen 38). Therefore, greater opportunities will be created and more facilities will be availed for the success of the whole course.

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In such a way, this endeavor will bring more job opportunities for nurses in the community, while less will be available in the most acute care hospitals. In general, the practice of nursing is anticipated to expand and put more emphasis on the community than it has been before. The transformation will certainly see an introduction of a continuum of care to insure continuity of the service, the initiation of responsible care organizations to increase efficiency, the establishment of more medical homes as well as the creation of nurse-managed clinics in various strategic areas.

A continuum of care will insure the introduction of an incorporated system of a wide array of health care services provision by availing guidance as well as being able to locate patients in a due course. In fact, this will cover all levels of health care facilities that will insure the availability of various services to patients and will certainly reduce the problem of inefficiencies and shortages of vital health care equipment (Fulton and Lyon 29). The expansion will also aid in the establishment of responsible care organizations. It means that there will be coordinated efforts among different health care practitioners who will form groups in order to give expert health care services to different Medicare patients. Thus, these organizations will insure improved Medicare programs by the reduction or elimination of frequent errors as far as the provision of proper health care services is concerned. Moreover, these organizations will help various nurses in different places to improve their skills as well as increase experience through professional interactions with their colleagues while performing their duties on various occasions.

 In addition, the establishment of a significant number of medical homes in various parts of communities in the country will provide ample opportunity to nurses. These medical homes will be run and operated by nurses who will therefore be sole providers of a comprehensive number of health care services to different communities within the United States (Hickey and Kritek 49). Health care equipment and other necessary tools and facilities should be available to each medical home in order to curb any instance of inconvenience while at service.

Finally, it is common knowledge that the United States suffers from a deficiency of clinics that are run and managed by nurses. However, the government has put more emphasis and encouraged the institution of such clinics in various communities which has been embraced with instantaneous effect without backing down (Sullivan-Marx, McGivern and Fairman 50). As a consequence, this has undeniably created various opportunities to a number of nurses who have also gained leadership experience and training facilities in order to increase efficiency in these clinics. The attempt to reach many communities is the only strategy that has been thought as a diligent way of increasing opportunities available to nurses. Thus, it has been predicted that more prospects will be available in communities and less in acute care hospitals. Once again, I would like to thank you all for listening to me, and may God bless you all. God bless America.

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