Free Infectious Diseases Essay Sample

There are certain diseases that spread at a high rate and can cause a negative impact of lives of a people. These diseases are spread by various means that if not looked into carefully and keenly, can even cause death. The diseases are not of one kind but of various kinds. This makes their treatment very difficult as they have different symptoms associated with them. Researchers have therefore tried to find ways of dealing with the situation and this has made the course of the research to be one serious task to achieve. As the researchers find solutions to certain diseases, some also arise with different complications on human life.

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The scientists have therefore come up with other methods of preventing these diseases. The scientists have come up with vaccines that help in prevention of these diseases. The vaccines are to be taken are a protective measure that boost the immune system. Vaccines are the drugs given to people to prevent them from contacting certain air bone diseases or any kind of disease that may be easily passed from one person to another. On the other hand, immunization is the act of giving vaccines to people. The vaccines are always given in liquid form and this is only effective with the use of a syringe (Pierini, 2005).

As per my opinion, the process of immunization is one of the greatest practices that have a positive impact on peoples' lives. Immunization in this case as per my own point of view, is a process meant to guarantee good life or good health status of people. With this process or practice, no deadly disease can attack an individual as the immune system is boosted and can therefore resist certain diseases that are communicable. I'm saying so because the advantages involved in this process outweigh that of its disadvantages.                                                                                                       

Immunizations have a lot of advantages that it impact on human life. It is always important as it help in prevention of certain diseases that might be harmful to human life. The process of immunization cannot be effective without the vaccines. This makes the vaccines also important in human as it goes hand in hand with the process of immunization. There are certain diseases that can cause death and it is always very difficult for one to notice their signs and symptoms. This method of treatment differs from other medical interventions in which diseases are dealt with when the symptoms are seen.

The kind of immunization offered or done today is different from that of the past yeas as those were only done to escape deadly diseases such as whooping cough and other related diseases that were highly communicable. In today's world, this process is done to strengthen the immune system of a person. This makes the body to resistant to certain diseases. Vaccines on the other hand are meant to provide prevention of various diseases and can therefore be effective on the kind of disease or diseases it is meant to prevent. Vaccines are therefore important for boosting the immune system of a person (Oshinsky, 2007).

The emerging infections have negatively impacted human life in many ways that at time become beyond human control. These impacts arise when one suffers from the infections that have unique symptoms that have no cure or ideal measures to be taken. Some of these emerging diseases can lead to death. Many people do die due to lack of cure or vaccines to these diseases as they are left with no other alternative other than waiting for their death. The infections also have some symptoms that subject the victim to severe suffering. The diseases are highly communicable and can therefore be passed from one person to another (Scheibner, 2006).

Due to this communicable nature of these diseases, many people contact them and this increases death rate.  These emerging diseases can be curbed if people are given medical counseling. Another method that can be used in evading such diseases is by maintainace of proper hygiene within our living area. This reduces the chances of contacting such diseases as there will be no disease causing microorganisms. People on the other hand should also seek medical attention at all times to ensure there is no micro-organisms within the body. When all these are observed then there can be no cases of such infections as there will be inexistence of the disease causing micro-organisms that may cause them.


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