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Informed consent can be described as a part of a decision making process which influence consequences of certain actions. Research and understanding of informed consent helps any profession to interpret cognitive functions and improve their everyday performance. Medical professionals do not always remember and thus learn from their mistakes, because they do not realize they have made mistakes. Informed consent gives medical professionals means to disengage themselves from a particular situation, from its narrative, from one's roles, and from a dominating conceptual scheme. While informed consent for a research study does not lead to severe consequences informed consent for a surgical procedure involves life-death decision making and requires professional knowledge and medical training of both parties.

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Informed consent for a research study is more democratic. Effective application and understand of informed consent enables one to assess one's situation, to evaluate present and new possibilities, and to create decisions that are not parochially embedded in a restricted context or confined by a certain point of view. Informed consent takes into account medical theory but not abstract ethical theories. In surgical procedure, informed consent is crucial for ethically reasons and effective performance. This is because in the first instance ethics has to do with human relationships and human activities, not with abstract formal principles.

It generates conclusions from that particular set of events, taking into account not merely the situation but its narrative and the set of mental models or conceptual schemes that frames these events. Informed consent in surgical procedure is essential to get one from a particular situation to a more disengaged perspective (Manson and O'Neill 2004). None of us is perfect, so in large companies there are bound to be errors of judgment. It is then sometimes argued that social, political, and legal institutions, along with the corporate culture and the particular roles and role responsibilities of the nurses and physicians in question, create a causal nexus that constrains what might consider morally appropriate behavior,

Informed consent in surgical procedure based on knowledge of a medical professional and involves his responsibility and duties before a patient. In research study, informed consent can be seen as an agreement between two parties. In surgical procedure, the concept of minimum standards does not work as well-being of a patient is the main priority for a medical profession. The informed consent proscribe the actions of these professionals just because they are members of those professions, and at least some of these code-proscriptions are meant to override both personal inclinations and nonprofessional organizational or corporate demands.

There are certain expectations in occupying these roles that most of us adhere to most of the time, and that we make moral judgments about role behavior are crucial elements of human experience and social interrelationships The ideal is not absolute agreement but rather temporary equilibrium, a dynamic consensus that provides the ground and impetus for moral progress. The rapidity of change in today's world (Wear, 1992). Organizational cultures cannot be the product of individuals acting alone but instead require that individuals interact with each other--and this means interaction between leaders and followers as well as among followers themselves The attributes of Informed consent include both ideologies and behaviors. Ideologies encompass the beliefs, values, and norms that direct individual and collective action (Wear, 1992).

The informed consent in the research study involves values, beliefs, meanings, and basic assumptions that were invisibly driving people's actions and behaviors. When the researcher becomes confused as to why recommendations for the research study are ineffective in solving problems, he/she begins to examine his own assumptions about how things should and are working in the research systems. In surgical procedure, informed consent leads to strict standards accepted by the profession. There are striking differences between the common view of the way in which strategic choices are made and the actuality.


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