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A student was allowed to interview a nurse in a leadership position through which some important factors and principles were taken into account. Through the interview the student got a clear understanding of the existing challenges and responsibilities in the nursing fraternity. Some of the concepts that were learned during the planned interview include the importance of critical thinking as required in leadership, the benefits of proper communication as well as some of the change principles. This interview was aimed at helping the student to gain the essential knowledge and skills about the nursing profession that will be of great help in the near future.

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A Detailed Reflection on the Meeting

The specific nurse was selected because she had prepared adequately as requested. The basic qualification of the selected nurse was because she was working in a managerial position, secondly she dressed appropriately as requested. On addition, she had mastered the required details. For example she clearly explained the necessary skills that are required for a person to be an affective leader and the existing challenges.

Application of Theoretical Content to Practical Leadership

Through the planned interview it was quite evident that it is possible to put the learned theory into practice. Some of the important theoretical leadership skills that can be applied practically include the ability to make sound decisions, communicate effectively, delegate duties and properly manage self among others (Storey, 2004). The art of appreciation and proper resolution of mistakes are elements that yield great results.

Being a nurse in a leadership position is very challenging and demanding though all this experiences influence the future developments of an individual. For instance, careless mistakes can cost a person a great deal. By the fact that you are in a managerial leadership position many things are expected of you. For example, one is required to make sober decisions bearing in mind that these decisions will go a great deal in affecting people's life. One of the greatest challenges about the profession of nursing is the excessive work load and poor pay. There is a great shortage of registered nurses in most of this institutions therefore nurses are required to work extra harder in order to effectively serve all their clients.

The necessary preparations for becoming an effective nurse leader

Respect for all the staff professionals is very essential for becoming a successful leader. Other important qualities include properly set professional standards. For example, one has to learn to lead by example. An effective leader also needs to be very flexible and well organized. It is also important for a nurse student to learn to empower and motivate others.  On addition, some sense of humor may be very beneficial (Thompson, 2004). The theoretical leadership skills that are acquired in class are very beneficial especially in the area of decision making.

Steps for Becoming an Influential Nurse Leader

First you have to learn to have general respect for everyone. Learn to make sound decision within the set time limits. Be a principled, honest, reasonable and consistent person. Great communication skills and your availability and accessibility with yield great results (Storey, 2004).

Some of the learnt effective communication strategies include convention of a convincing and clear message. Language command like eloquence enhances communication. Dialogue and leading by example passes the message clearly on addition it is important for one to speak confidently and remain self (Bywater, 2010).  Appreciation enhances motivation therefore as a leader you have to learn to appreciate others. People are also motivated when they are treated with utmost respect that they deceive. One of the greatest challenges that most leaders face is initiating change. Being in a position to build a team is a very gratifying experience for a leader. The diversity of patients and nurses plays a very important role in the life of a leader. For instance it teaches a leader to appreciate culture and the existing different ethnic values. It enables one to appreciate others in their own differences and capabilities. The blending of the values and skills of all these diverse people give birth to an excellent work.


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