Free Ethical Concerns in Medical Directives Essay Sample

Yes, while completing the form, I have personal ethical / morals concerns. It is since the medical directive form makes a person think about his current and future condition, their decisions, possible risks, and death. It raises many ethical and moral issues, such as donation of organs after death or medical autopsy. Moreover, issues such as refusal to provide medical care in a terminal condition and vegetative state can also be considered ethical. Also, the issue of donation and medical autopsy can be called ethical/moral, since Christianity considers the body sacred and allows autopsy to be carried out only in case of medical necessity. Thus, the medical directive form has several ethical / morals questions that can cause concerns in any person.

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If a patient wants a DNR but the family wants full medical treatment for their loved one, I will do the following. First of all, DNR does not mean to not “treat” the person and do not provide any medical care and assistance. Therefore, I will provide a consultation to a patient and their family and explain to them that the DNR order is applicable only in exceptional cases. For example, if after medical manipulations, the patient may feel worse, suffer and experience serious conditions. In such cases, the doctor’s task is not to interfere with the patient’s decision and not to persuade them, but provide psychological as well as professional assistance and consult the patient about all the pros and cons of the DNR order.

If I feel a family member is forcing the patient to complete the Medical Directive, I will do the following. First of all, I will say the family member that I understand their concerning. Then, I will explain to them that the patient should make a decision himself, and be responsible for their desire and realize their rights. Moreover, the family member cannot take responsibility for the life of the patient and it will lead to the negative consequences and states as for the family member as for the patient. Therefore, I will calm down the family member and explain that the patient himself needs make a decision and take responsibility for it.

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