Free Nursing Career Opportunities Essay Sample

Being a nurse is one of the dreams an individual with charismatic character will look forward at practicing the career. A passion of an individual to embrace care to other suffices well in such an environment. A nursing career enables one to indulge requisites of opportunities for advancement and specialty areas. There has been an apparent increase in workload amongst the nurses due to a reduced number of staff.

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In nursing career, the largest setting in the nursing field are the; outpatient care centres, hospitals, physicians and home health care. Various opportunities always emerge that may suit the services which the nurses may offer. This makes the nurse to work in various settings such as, in hospitals, industries and organizations.

Inherently, before one takes advantage of these nursing career choices, one has to meet some of these basic requirements. Firstly, one requires a Bachelor of Science Nursing (BS/BSN). This is a four-year program that is available in colleges and universities. Having these certifications puts one to have the greatest opportunity in the provisions of nursing career choices.  Moreover, there is other certification such as, the Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN). Such courses are offered at junior and community colleges, and even some hospitals and universities and. The course takes duration of about three years and it prepares the nurses to provide direct patient care in a variety of settings.  Another certification is the, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This enables the doctors and registered nurses (RNs) to offer basic care directly to the patients. A higher program is the, Accelerated Programs (Accelerated BSN/MSN). This program offers further knowledge about nursing principles at master’s level.

The effects of being a nurse are accompanied by a lot of effects. For instance, some of the challenges that the nurses face include; excessive or high workloads, irregular and unsocial hours of work, physical tiredness, the emotional demands of dealing with sick patients , uncertainty concerning treatment, concerns about technical knowledge and skills and conflict that arises with other nurses. Inherently the effects of night shifts have consistently affecting the wellbeing of nurses. For instance, nurses who are presumed as health care providers are obliged to work even during odd hours such as late in the night. To make matters worse, those that work in intensive care units, face the challenge of being exposed to hazardous environment as a result of being exposed to health hazards equipments.

In scenarios where there are limited medical practioners, the available nurses who are near a given community would be relied on to deliver some medical assistance. This is evident in poorer communities where there is limited access to a general physician. This would make the nurses in these settings to be relied upon for services such as screening and categorizing patients, medical advice, health promotion and education, nutritional advice, prescribing and interpreting diagnostic tests and assessing illnesses and injuries.

Additionally, the nurses face the challenge of making a distinction with their roles in relation to other health professionals. This acts as a setback in giving reliable service and guidelines about the given clinical usefulness of their interventions. This arises as the nurse practitioner degree program tends to be specific and include; pharmacology and drug interactions, employing research and audit to practice and the referral and discharge.

In conclusion, being a nurse has various pros and cons. It is inherent to overcome these challenges so as to ensure effective practicing of the career. The challenges which arise have to be discussed by the health stakeholders so that, tangible mitigations could be arrived at a particular problem. As it has been suggested, the practice of nursing has to be a call in order for one to give efficient services.


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