Free Nursing Home and Acute Care Hospital Essay Sample

A nursing home is facility that takes care of the elderly or retirees that had contributed to the Medicaid during their working years while an acute care giver facility provides care for a short period of time for severely sick individual during their recovery. Most care in nursing homes is provided by certified nurses (Giacalone, & Duetsch, 2001), while in an acute care hospital, the services are given by qualified physicians and other clinical personnel.

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The services of  nursing home may be sponsored by Medicaid and is mostly given to old people while the services of acute care hospital is given to those who are coming out of ICU and need extended care in their recovery. Acute care facility may be referred to as hospitals while the nursing homes are mostly referred to as nursing facilities or skilled nursing facilities (Hospital Today, 2001).

These differences between the structure of nursing home and the acute care hospitals are as a result of government regulations. The government recognizes acute care facility as a facility that offers short-term services to people with acute injuries or recuperating from an acute condition. These facilities take care of people of all ages (Kahn, Benson, Appleby, & Carson, Iwashyna, 2010).

On the other hand nursing home is a facility where elderly and younger people are taken to be taken care of. Acute care facilities are referred to as hospitals because their care is mostly related to that given in hospitals and most of its residents are recuperating patients. On the other hand, nursing home is not necessary for the sick people but the elderly (Hospital Today, 2001).

These differences are necessary because they determine the functions of both facilities. The government also relies on these definitions to determine which facility is legible for Medicaid. It must be noted that not all nursing homes are legible for the fund and therefore strict distinction should be made. Therefore the differences are necessary distinguishing factors.

Beyond the structural disparities, it's worth delving into the staffing dynamics of nursing homes versus acute care hospitals. Nursing homes predominantly rely on certified nurses for providing care to their residents (Giacalone, & Duetsch, 2001). These professionals are trained to address the specific needs of the elderly, including long-term health management and assistance with daily activities. In contrast, acute care hospitals deploy a more diverse team, consisting of qualified physicians and various clinical personnel. This multidisciplinary approach is geared towards handling a wide range of medical conditions that necessitate short-term intensive care.

Moreover, the physical environment of these facilities significantly differs. Acute care hospitals, in their role as comprehensive medical centers, are equipped with advanced medical technology and specialized units such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to address critical health issues. They serve as hubs for diagnostic procedures, surgeries, and emergency interventions. On the contrary, nursing homes are structured to resemble more of a communal living space, fostering an environment conducive to the long-term well-being of the elderly. The focus is on creating a homely atmosphere while still providing necessary medical support.

In terms of admission criteria, acute care hospitals admit individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly, depending on the nature and severity of their medical conditions. The inclusivity of acute care hospitals aligns with their role as versatile healthcare institutions. In contrast, nursing homes, with their specialized focus on elderly care, admit residents based on their need for long-term assistance and support.

These additional details underscore the nuanced differences between nursing homes and acute care hospitals, shedding light on the varied aspects of healthcare provision and emphasizing the necessity for tailored services based on the specific needs of diverse patient populations.


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