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Nursing skills provide a guide to standards of nursing skills, knowledge, attitudes, and judgments required for safe practices. These skills reflect the achievable and desired levels of performances, through guiding, directing and promoting professional nursing practices (Benner, 2004).

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Some of these skills are communication skills which require nurses to interact closely with their patients and colleagues through sharing knowledge and skills and providing feedback of their practice in order to enhance their profession and create a supportive and healthy working environment, as well as maintain compassionate and caring relationship with their colleagues and patients. Confidence in communication among nurses integrates easily enabling the nurse’s organizational clinical knowledge base and maintenance of the highest standards required. In cases where communication skills lack among nurses, there is never a favorable environment for nurses to work in, which is essential to promote quick healing of the patients (Ross, Carroll, Knight, Chamberlain, Fothergill-Bourbonnais & Linton, 1988). Team playing is another essential skill that is achieved through sharing with patients and other health care providers in order to realize areas that need a change and implement these changes to generate positive outcomes, like documentation of referrals and continuous check ups for patients that need ongoing medical care. Nurses who do not practice team playing will never achieve positive change and it will be hard for them to develop their skills and services (Wilson & Bunnel, 2007).

Nurses are believed to be the link between patients and doctors, hence they are expected to possess excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work effectively in situations involving different people. Patients should see nurses as friendly people and be able to realize that they are connected to doctors and other senior medical personnel through them. Otherwise, the needs of the patient and the doctor’s will not be met (Harden, 1975).


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