Free Transformative Nursing: Robb's Legacy and Personal Philosophy Essay Sample

The nursing profession is popular in advocating for the patients welfare in various perspectives from the time immemorial. Nursing has undergone splendid transformation each time the targets and the benefit of all individuals and organizations involved. Nursing like any other profession began and developed through numerous phases starting from basic stages which called for modernization in their implementation. The modernization of nursing was relevant to the coping up with the societal demands during various periods such as the pandemics and wars. Robb Isabel Hampton’s theory is critical in the consideration of transforming nursing from its initial condition to the current situation. Robb Isabel Hampton instituted the modern nursing through advocating for labor reforms in the late nineteenth century, which resulted in the moderation of the number of working hours for the nurses. Robb Isabel Hampton is also remembered for the establishment of the training period of three years for the nurses. The nursing career is one of the most critical faculties, and the individual bringing significant changes and the formalities such as the examination and registration is a genuine molding leader (Marshall, 2010).

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Robb’s theory is critical for the leader who brought changes in nursing, for instance, considering her first activity of reforming the labor. Initially, females were not allowed to practice medicine because of masculinity in men which stipulated that women are fit for only domestic chores and industry labor. The notion required a strong female personality to alter the stereotype and impart understanding among the men that women were equally competent beings. There ought to be understanding among the employers of nurses that their employees are also human who are susceptible to fatigue. The profession entails caring for human beings, therefore concentration and precision should be enhanced throughout. No human is perfect to maintain significant concentration accompanied by proper output for the duration of twenty-four hours. Robb is a real leader in the nursing profession who fostered the standardization of the twelve hours. The consequential shift ushered relief among the nurses. Robb Isabel Hampton also proved significant in the profession by creating the mode of studying nursing for the period of three years (Marshall, 2010). The criterion has remained credible since it is implemented till the present day in most of the medical schools offering nursing studies.

My philosophy in nursing concurs with the Hippocratic laws which advocate for the welfare of both patients and the nurses. I believe that I can save all lives within my capability because I have adequate knowledge. However, I have witnessed most of my beloved patients struggle for their lives helplessly and eventually succumb to death. The experience of patient parting with life is the worst but it has never derailed my focus on nursing and has enabled me to understand the need of one another. Patients and nurses are two separate entities who are dependent on each other for basic functionalities. The patients require nurses for the fundamental care and survival. Nonetheless, the nurses have to note their primary responsibility for the patients in their healthcare partitioning (Campo & Lafferty, 2010).

I care for patients by ensuring efficient administration of the specified dosage of the pharmaceutical drugs. Effective administration entails maintaining the time specification and proper assessment of the patient after the admission. During the time of administration and the time after, two main aspects of the patient’s condition such as the body temperature and the heart rate should be monitored closely. I view the patients as substantial human beings who are entitled to quality health. Therefore, the patients should receive quality treatment and care whenever they visit the hospitals, and the medical practitioners should be keen while listening to their explanations on the symptoms. Good listening would help the medic to avert errors in prescription attributed by misconceptions in understanding, hence providing quality health services (Campo & Lafferty, 2010). I believe that nurses as individuals from any gender can practice a professional career if they are capable. Health is the condition of absolute wellbeing of an individual in all aspects ranging from physical and mental to social. Health does not only encompass the unavailability of ailment or injury to an individual. The physical, mental, and the social aspects operate in unison to influence health of an individual (Tilden, 2010).


The modernization of nursing has achieved critical moves targeting better health standards among the patients, good professionalism amongst the practitioners, and better welfare of both. The efficiency in nursing can only be achieved through education and adequate knowledge. My belief corresponds to Robb’s theory since both of them advocate for equality, labor reforms, and proper healthcare.


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