Free Comprehensive Patient Registration and Care Protocol Essay Sample

The types of accident should be indicated in her registration form. An email should also be available to mail all the results of the patient. The patient should also indicate whether they are currently under any other medication to avoid contradictions. If a family doctor is available, it is necessary to contact them for more information concerning the patient. The name of the hospital should also be provided. The information collected does not cover all the areas crucial for insurance. She has a fractured leg, broken leg, and bandages on her face. Also, her movements indicate that she might be having internal pains as she can barely communicate properly. She is shaking due to hypothermia and cannot talk properly. Hypothermia conditions are caused by the body losing a lot of heat that it is producing. Her skins appear pale, and the blood flow is very minimal. In addition, her car needs to be paid for as it has broken glasses. A measure of both her blood sugar and blood pressure levels should be taken.

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Patient Registration Form

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Telephone Message Form

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