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Today, everyone who happens to have some knowledge in the field of sociology will agree that while nursing as a professional field does entail training on issues to do with administration of medicines to patients and general handling of patients, this isn't the case. The field has more to deal with than this basic requirement.

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Being a registered personal nurse, one has to carry some higher level of the spirit of humanity that works well for the profession. This is due to the nature of tasks that lay ahead for such a person. While goods can be handled in any manner and won't complain as they are lifeless, humans have feelings and so handling they require a lot of understanding of the general psychological principals.

Being a part time realtor I have learnt a lot of things that characterise humans and hence I hope to apply them in my profession of choice. It is very easy to deal with humans from a psychological point of view. Earlier this year, I was facilitating negotiations for property purchase in Oklahoma. My company Sultton Really Company- had set the price of the villa at US$ 800,000.My pay in the company is based on commission from the financial transactions I have transacted. When I met the client I was able to read in between the lines and discovered that he was ready to pay more than US$ 2,000,000 for the same property. Since I had noted this without direct confession from the client, I had to negotiate for US$1.5m which was a good deal for me. From the above deal one would discover that psychology played a key role for the big profit. The same way, when a patient is sick they need to be handled by applying a lot of psychological approach. This explains why a good nurse would always tell his or her patients whenever he or she about to inject them that the injection isn't painful yet in the real sense it's painful. This is to give them courage to go for the exercise.

Having worked previously as a sales person has made me discover that nursing as a profession is unique. This is due to the fact that while in sales most of the people are so much concerned about closing sales and making money, the nursing profession requires that one puts the patient as number one priority before thinking about the money. The sight of a sick person humbles me to the level that it sometimes forces the nurse to go extra in his or her scope of duty just to ensure that the patient is healed. There is nothing as good to a nurse as to when a patient leaves the hospital in good health.

Being a mother of two has been a real boost to me in understanding the behaviour of children whenever they are sick and whenever a woman is expecting. Just like the East African saying goes "He who glorifies the rain has been rained on" so is its relevance in the nursing field. This is a boost to me because it's easier to help people with challenges that you have ever gone through. For example one might not no how painful it is when it comes to giving birth to a baby until they have passed through the process. This makes the nurse to do all they can to ensure safe deliveries.

Whenever one thinks of joining the nursing field they must always be ready to help. This is what differentiates a good nurse from the ordinary nurses who only know of the paper work bit. Nursing requires a philanthropically set heart.


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