Free Future of Nursing Profession Essay Sample

The nursing profession is becoming dynamic over time.  In the near future, it will be highly diversified compared to its current composition. Precisely, modern technological changes are transforming the medical field, including nursing. It is predicted that many nursing functions, such as updating customer records, documentation, and care giving, will be automated in the next few years. Adopting and implementing the right dynamic measures in line with in the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) report recommendations, encouraging nurses to advance their skills, and expressing key issues in nursing to policy makers will ensure excellent future for the nursing profession.

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In future I would like to see the implementation of different dynamic measures in    nursing to realize its relevance in the medical field. Some of these measures include enhancing educational levels for nurses, involving nurses in policymaking, remunerating them fairly, and adoption and prioritization of diversity in the nursing profession. As a result, nurses will comfortably cope with the new world of sophisticated and complex medical technologies leading to quality service delivery. Overall, dream vision for the future of nursing will be realized, if favorable measures are enacted and implemented in time.

The measures to achieve this vision are in line with the Institute of Medicine's report recommendations on the future of nursing. In particular, IOM recommends the establishment of nursing training centers, professional societies, and educational bodies to improve nursing education standards, which will, in turn, enhance nurses' education levels. Additionally, IOM recommends nurses’ involvement into redesigning of payment systems and service delivery. This gives nurses an opportunity to participate in policymaking, which will ensure that their voice counts towards making the bigger vision of continued and uninterrupted quality service provision. IOM also strongly recommends diversity in the nursing field. Some nurses trained in traditional learning institutions by the elder professors lack diversity. This limits the number of services that they can offer. As a result, they encounter difficulties in their struggle to adapt to the fast-changing medical field hence rendering their profession irrelevant. In general, IOM recommendations intersect with my vision for the future of nursing career and should be implemented to realize diversity in nursing.

The vision for the future of nursing can be realized by encouraging nurses to advance their education and showing policymakers the importance of developing new policies in line with dynamic nursing field. Specifically, nurses should enroll in learning institutions to enhance their skills. As such, I would encourage nurses to take it as their responsibility and not that of the government or the nursing council to coerce them to advance their skills. This will ensure that nurses remain updated on the current trends in the medical field hence relevant to perform their duties.  Additionally, I would organize meetings with policymakers and other stakeholders to express challenges in nursing and suggest the importance of developing policies to address such issues. Relevant groups will not understand and appreciate the nurse's requirements if not spoken out. Therefore, it is crucial to speak out and express nurse’s viewpoints in different deliberations for implementation. With enrollment for learning and involvement in policymaking, the vision will be achieved. 

In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the dynamic changes in the medical field. However, when nurses develop the right attitude and a guiding vision of ensuring continued service provision, they will be dedicated hence remaining relevant in the medical field. Nurses should endeavor to enhance their skills, diversify their careers, take part in policymaking, and seek fair remuneration. To make this a reality, nurses should either individually or through their leaders participate in different policy-making forums and enroll in different learning institutions towards enhancing their skills. Largely, all the key players in the nursing field should take their responsibility to realize the dream future for nursing.


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