Free American Apparel Branding Strategy Essay Sample

The expansion of the company to retail was the fastest retail roll out in the history of America. The retail stores are marked and designed at individual level. The company looks at low rent but where traffic is high areas. The focus of this essay is to give the analysis the America Apparel's old branding strategy before they started shifting their image to a more preppy look. It does not analyze the American Apparel when they started off as wholesalers but rather the retail store.

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The company believes in centralizing most of its employees in a single location. It does not believe in outsourcing the management knows workers better and ties them directly to the brand. The company believes in hiring its creativeness by their sense of fashion and culture not by their resume. It usually focuses on personal style and the outward appearance like the surface esteem in its practices of hiring for the positions of retail. The culture that is unconventional at America Apparel is the one that was responsible for the company's rapid growth and creativity. Because young people like honesty, the company was open about sexuality and its culture. The company's aesthetic taste is beautiful employees that are used in marketing strategies.

The brand vision of American Apparel commits itself to ethics, the community and to leveraging art, technology and design to be the best they can be. They pay their employees in a fair manner and frequently speak out their mind on political issues that are of significance. Every store they come up with, they believe to it belongs to the neighborhood. The promotion of the branding strategy, which spotlighted the way it treatments its workers, was used as the point of selling of promoting the goods of American Apparel as sweatshop free.

The firm beliefs in practices that are environmentally friendly and vertical integration that has helped it to be known for innovation, its manufacturing systems are design4ed on the concept of creative reuse hence using the waste materials to reduce the amount of fabrics the firm requires in production on top of expanding its product line.

The company produces products that are organic. This is to ensure they contribute to healthy and clean environment. All the products that are provided under sustainable edition are organic cotton garments. They also have garments made from fabrics wastes, most of them are Nylon. The American Apparel customers identifying as gays, lesbians, bisexual, or transgender as they try to protect their rights, they also have clothing's for designer's rock bands and corporate customers, In general. They also aim at areas that have been hit by disasters.

The design climate of America Apparel has changed over the past decades, as from the creation of soft, fitted tees and under wares to becoming a hipster heaven, skirts, selling leggings and bodysuits that have lead to the introduction of a whole generation that seem to be new, that leads to unfortunate fashions of 1980s. As the seasons keep on changing, so do trends, and the American Apparel has remained on top. The American Apparel is currently in the preppy business, creation of updated versions of the pants that are pleated and button-down, collard shirts for the same generation. Other than staying on top of the trends cycle, on top of creating trends that are of its on in the clothing industry, it has also remained in being a leader in the hey-its-porn but in real sense, it is not porn advertisement prints that grace the back page of several alternative newspapers and magazines  across the state. America Apparel is under the process of making most important changes that includes the appointment of quality control director and the addition of new senior staff. According recent revelations, when it comes to the concern of staff, the firm has more interests in natural hair look than what they mistakenly referred to as trashy look, they have been several debates a bout the policies on black hair in the America Appeal. These policies has been resulting too many black women to be upset by claiming that they can wear their hair the way they like, so in the recent times, they have joined the debate.

Most of the advertisements in the past had no sexual connotations as compared to the present. It used to be self-billed as an ethically morally and ethically sound company that provided ESL classes, insurance that was affordable and paid its workers well. There were some controversies about their advertisements as walls in the stores had doted with product photos, there were grainy photos of youngsters in various undress status. Sometimes there were pictures from penthouse magazines.

In conclusion, the American Apparel has shifted from being self-billed to porn like advertisements. Currently the retail looks like it is in preppy business due to its advertisements as for example the woody Allen billboards and lawsuits, it perceived to be honesty and lack of airbrushing. Some of the sexual harassment is still in arbitration, all these made the company to go back to its initial vision.


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