Free American Political Arrangement Essay Sample

If you permit unprincipled and ambitious men to monopolize the soil, they will become masters of the country in the certain order of cause and effect…Why, he asked, should twelve thousand working people in Rhode Island without the vote submit to five thousand who had land and could vote" (Zinn 1).

American political arrangement has always had issues pertaining to the right to suffrage; particularly, the deliberate political manipulation of the African American in slavery and later being denied to vote was based on soil ownership. The American landlords controlled the Southern economy and the New York banks and financial institutions funded the Southern farmers to expand on soil monopoly.

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African slaves were used to power the Southern American economic policy. One white master owned several hundreds to thousands of slaves in one farm, thus, enhancing soil monopoly. Even free African American were denied the right to own land and property as that would influence the slaves to rethink of their two fifty status as a man. Therefore, the voices of the large American population remained suppressed by government design. The Puritans used black slavery to provide capital and develop a labor force (Mackinlay 81).

However, revolutions and movements rose to counter the deliberate disfranchising of some ethnic races right to participate in governance through voting. For instance The Dorr Rebellion set in motion an electoral reform agenda to oppose the directive that only land owners were legible to vote (Zinn 1).

Land monopoly has been used to enhance disfranchising of societies and people who have been viewed as less human. Therefore, soil monopoly increased racial discrimination that led to social prejudice and acrimony. Social acrimony in America subsequently subsided in the later 1970s after a turbulent fight to end discrimination based on skin color. 


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