Free Astrotrufing Essay Sample

This word it derived from the trademark Astro Turf this trade mark is the synthetic grass made and used as carpeting. However, astrotrufing is a term coined in the political realms for the description of the situation when people try to manipulate public opinion by both overt and covert means in order to get a desired reaction. In this kind of situation the beneficiaries are not the grass root campaigners but the movement or persons behind the manipulation. For example, if a person or a certain political figure was to ascertain results from a public matter, they would pump resources into campaigns. This is in effort to make the public believe in their point of view. This would result into the public coming up with an opinion that favors the individual or group and thus a successful ‘astroturf’.

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The Tea Party movement is best known as a manifest the late 20th century republican party. They however seem to be more liberal than the common state republican, however, apart from that the tea party movement is virtually the same as the republican movement. Republicans generally stand for the individualism and an economy where the government has very little to do with efforts of curbing inflation. The tea party movement is the same only with more liberal views such as no restriction to the things that can be posted on the internet. This is just an example of what it is the tea party is all about it however does not convince the public that it is a grassroots movement.

Some of the arguments are that the tea party movement has presented itself as a rapid movement the same as other non grass root movements in the past. Its ideals also are seen to be driven by motive other than public interest. The author of the book argues that the movement is bankrolled by private business people who want to take lead of the market and make it a private market. ‘They want to control how society is shaped’ the words echoing from the authors writing.

The tea party in comparison to an accepted grass root movement would be compared to occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street is the exact opposite of the tea party; it stands for the interests of the minority and is against the influence of co-operations on government. The people contesting are against the increasing wealth margin in America where 1% controls the largest part of the economy. The tea party on the other hand is viewed as a play in state affairs by the one percent which is trying to gain control of the market and the shape of society. In the occupy Wall Street movement, beneficiaries are composed of the campaigning minorities thus filling the objective that pushes a reasonable movement instead of a puppet for the minorities interests.

The tea party has been branded a temper outburst and since then, the movement decided to part ways and operates its mission individually. However, it would not be safe to work on assumptions and miscalculate the risk factor since it might lead to unprecedented outcomes. Every power that comes up must be controlled or the subordinates to the power risk abuse on uncountable levels. It is therefore a reasonable necessity to act against the forces behind this movement because if left unchecked then it might affect the building blocks of the American civilization and kill the American dream.         


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