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The culture of the Britain is meant to bring together the people in the people in the United Kingdom. The major factors of the British culture are; language, democracy and the humanity. The culture has been widespread over its close allies. The official language in the UK is English however some states impose the indigenous language for instance the Wales imposed a low for the Wales children to learn the language in school till the age of 17 years. The culture also includes the art works whereby the main culture is the literature mainly the British English and other art works for example the art of love. The museums and the galleries are the main sources of information that the British get to know their culture as well as enhancing national integrating of its citizens (Roskin, 2011). The reign forced museums contains the information of all the constituent countries of the UK. The archive provides information of the most vital elements in learning the UK integrated system of government (Roskin, 2011).

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The politics of the Britain changed from the British Empire to the parliamentary system of government whereby the parliament consist of two houses; the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The assembly contains all the members from the member's states. The constitution of Britain is not a well established one since the content is some materials that were selected from scholarly sources and the words from the most famous personalities in the countries (Roskin, 2011). The contents are also the found in the unwritten form. For instance the content of the law is subject to change by the parliament. The state is obliged to offer freedom to the citizens such as the freedom of speech and any other democratic right. The unwritten law is cushion by a strong law that protects it from any manipulation or misinterpretation. Thus the law is essential in cultivating a culture that is unique from other countries. The language used is the common English law whereby it states the laws that is protectorate of the British culture. The law encourages the practice of the traditional, British culture whereby the practice of the culture should actually be universal to the British culture. The common law basically mean to be peoples law and that the common British citizen were being treated in a fair and understanding (Roskin, 2011).

The culture developed was very influential in developing a system that was fairly non racist and also accommodative to the diverse background. Some of the cultures practiced by the British include the sports, food, dressing lifestyle, and housing among others. The culture required the Britons to handle the as a tradition of the British as unique from others. The laws did not accommodate other non British cultures there every foreigner were supposed to be conversant with the British culture therefore challenging the question of the claims of over the end of racism in Britain (Dorey, 2007). Therefore according to the critics, the culture is aimed at discriminating the non British therefore questioning the culture. Culture and politics have played an important role in many society set ups for instance in the British society.

There are various developments in the British politics and culture that are unique compared to other nations. These unique cultures make the British politics. In the late 20th century, the issue culture wasn't pronounced much since much of the thoughts were being forced. The trend was then common in till the recent times when the politics changed and the value for culture became a factor in determining the politics of the day. The culture plays an important role in determining the political landscape in the world politics of the day therefore politics without the cultural values have rendered less influential. The most common concept used by the politicians is the reclaiming of the culture that has been lost. The issues aid in removal of racism in many societies there the importance of the culture in the society. Many nations have been diverting the attention of the racial concept to the issue of culture. Though the scholars have been very critical about the issue terming it as part of the racism that is being used by the politicians to gain millage. The scholars termed it as a collection of racism activates integrated together to form a society of heterogeneous racism (Dorey, 2007).

The new wave in which the black and the while English has been use as a material for the new culture being practiced by the cultures in Britain to oppress other religions or non English. According to the critics, the British culture aid in discriminating the non Britons therefore creating an anonymous culture that has no basis according to the British critics therefore it should have not be adopted since it does not offer a substantive reason for having a culture that is discriminative.

The British Culture and the diversity policy

Britain does not have a clear over the diversity and seem to be a sense of ignorance among the political since there is clear policy that creates grounds best the practice and teaching of the culture in the British schools and to the public. The Department of Culture Media and Sport plays an important role in the cultivating the culture of the greater Britain but their efficiency has not reached it's full in protecting the culture as well as maintaining it as per the provision (Greenslade, 2010).  The failure by the department to take full control of the cultural issues, there is as danger that the political class takes the issue of culture as a campaign tool.

The British local governments are given the mandate of fostering the culture and also maintaining the culture in their local area. For instance in Northern Ireland and the Scotland, the policies and values offered varies according to the local authority while in the English and the Whales, the policies concerning cultures are actuality harmonized into whereby the national government plays an important role in setting policies however the local authorities are mandated to practice different cultures of their interest. For example Birmingham has been very instrumental in the cultural practices and the art activities in the city (Greenslade, 2010). The local governments in the Britain are have maintained most of their cultures' in the national museums and the national, achieves that are maintained by each local government. Therefore different governments are able to sell their distinct culture (Garner, 2010).

Maintenance of culture in Britain is highly maintained by the lottery group or the charges that are collected from the sporting activities therefore the money are distributed in such a way that it considers all the local authorities. Though the distribution of the money reaches every part of the country, the involvement of the government in funding the sector has been less since the private sectors are actually the main financiers of the kitty therefore the challenge is maintaining the flow of funding as the sector does not have a consistent income source. The Labor Party has offered the funding to the lost glory in the British culture as some museums were seen to close as be affected by the low funding therefore seeking alternative to the funding by the central government (Greenslade, 2010).

The main reason for the integration of the British races is that the need for economic prosperity was important that the racial issues therefore the people decide to work together so as to accomplish a national interest that captures the attention all the citizens. The aim is also was to build a national, culture that was going to elevate the pursuit of interests from just racial discrimination to the national interest. They wanted to strengthen the bonds am among its citizens. The people work to make the country a more prosperous as well a socially integrated nation. Therefore the achievement of both could have helped the country from any complication of social deterioration (Garner, 2010).

Culture and politics

As the cultures are being remade, the question is raised over the effects of the cultural alignment on the small group. The African and the Asian origin people have claimed that the alignment facilitate the racism in a different way. The critiques over the post racism period use the issue as the basis of bringing out the concept of another form of racism being practiced by the groups in the political scene. Basically the critics of the new form have developed and literature works that is aimed at criticizing the new formation. They claims that people were being discriminated in the name of being or formatting a culture that has baseless over the prosperity of the nation. The critiques claim that the new formation is aimed at removing the racism that is based on one line with a racism that is complex (Story, 2007).

The emphasis laid on the new culture prompt to changing the perception of the racism notion is just meant to satisfy a certain group of people in the country but was not meant to solve any racism (Story, 2007). The new racism style is critical creation of the new form of racial faction that uses the race for their own personal benefits as a way of conceptualizing the need to a have common national interests. The concept however is against the natural formation of a culture; as it is underlain, the concept of the culture has is not followed since it is somehow fixed so as to match the interest of the interested groups therefore causing a strain in adopting the culture. But the main idea behind of the culture is the way it functions in relation to other communities. Basically it is cruel to other cultures therefore forcing anyone not interested in the culture to be phased off (Story, 2007). 

Religion in the British politics and culture

British are a Christian nation but the political and cultural scenes have shaped the religion and the way of worship. The issues of religious in the current political and cultural scene have allowed some behaviors that were taboo in the British culture. Basically there has been a cultural change altogether. The government has allowed other religions to enter the country and worship at their own pleasure. For instance the Muslims and the Indus have had their unions and freedom to worship in the learning institution in Britain whereby the issue has raised the eyebrows of the conservative over the drastic deterioration of the British culture (Story, 2007). However the change in the culture of the Britons, the main conservatives are taking the influence over the rejection what they term as foreign religions for instance the Muslims. There has been a cold reception of the foreign raising concern by the human right bodies over the discrimination that the British Muslims face from the conservatives. The issue of the religious discrimination has reached the political scenes.

In the year 2010 the British politicians wanted to introduce a law that prohibits the Muslim women from covering their faces. Even though the move was meant to reduce the issue of terrorism in the country, the challenge is the discrimination since the effect could not have the same if the country was actually a Muslim nation. The issue of culture and believe is very instrumental in changing the since and pursuit of interest in the politics (Story, 2007).

Racism and Politics in Britain

Britain, the researches shows that the political scene in Britain changed from 1950s whereby the issue of racism has been fading away since then. It was used in settling the political score but the political landscapes changed its tricks and are currently uniting the races in the Britain but the tactics takes a different twist where the British political changes affect other cultures or the foreign cultures for instance (Dorey, 2007). According the research then the issue of ethnicity and racism are just beyond the normal racism since the development have integrated to a complex discrimination strategy. There are many ermeging ideas over the latest development in the politics scene and also the culture.

 Basically the culture of the British was first based on racism but the politics have contributed much in constructing a complex discrimination A research describe the alignment a complex one since  the politics of racism are not given any attention by the groups involved in the electoral process (Dorey, 2007). The research claims that the trends among the political class have then changed and instead the marginalized groups are the most affected by the new alignment of the politicians.teh development is then an attempt. To develop a society in the British society whereby the relationship between the races in the society is even therefore reduced discrimination. The immigrants are the being focused on (Munt, 2008)

The trend was witnessed in Birmingham for instance whereby the foreigners where being denied the entry to some housing. Therefore the trend is meant to consolidate the races in Britain and the discrimination is then shifted to the foreigners who in one way or another enter the country illegally. The new challenge is to find solution to the discrimination The rise of discrimination among the British citizens against the foreigners have created another discriminative challenge since the citizen searching for job in the country are termed as the underclass citizen therefore creating a racial motives because racism is actually the sort of discrimination whereby a group go against the other or a group feeling superior than others (Munt, 2008).

The development did not only discriminate the immigrants but was also effective on some white whereby they tried to form their own organization. Instead of being associated with the working class, they found themselves being the underclass. Therefore their political ambitions remained a wish to since they were under class according to the other Britons therefore making the situation more complex. The most important thing in the British system is that the system is marred with the politics of class whereby the there is an issue of class and also the race factor integrated in it (Munt, 2008).  Basically the British evolution from the politics of racism to the politics of integration was fuelled by the interest of the people living in the country therefore the making a move to take care of their interest first then other issues later that is why the research found that there is an advanced kind of racism being practiced in different quarters.


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