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Free Californias Political Trends Essay Sample

California is among the richest states in United States, located in the west coast and is also known as the golden state. It is the third largest state in America holding the highest population in United States.  It also has the largest cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Sacramento which is its capital city. California was the second state in United States to legalize abortion, recall their state governor and ban marriages for gay people. Unlike the other counties in United States, California is known for trendsetting in its political culture. In the past few years, politicians in this state have moved away from Republican Party and trended towards Democratic Party (Baldassare, 2002).

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Americans believe that knowledge is gained through reading lots of books. This has made many citizens in California prefer political leaders who are highly educated and have been successful in their life. It is also evident how democrats have been winning extra votes in elections, by discussing their spiritual faith openly. American society is slowly supporting immoralities such as homosexuality, abortion and other immoral behaviors. In American politics, politicians have been using this as their reasons to join the house of representative, in the name of fighting these immoralities. People tend to trust political leaders who believe in God, and prefer voting for them instead of electing non-believers. This has made many politicians join big and recognized churches, especially during campaigns.

Websites such as, MySpace, YouTube, Google engines have been providing political transparency whereby the cons and pros of political leaders are tagged. Social network such as face book, and twitter are now all over the world and people are able to give out their grievances to their leaders through these links. Media has also been on the forefront of covering the lives of political leaders. California is economically stable and advanced in technology. This is evident through their voting machines that have the ability to ensure 100% accuracy and no fraud. Instead of bribing people into changing voting results, politicians have concentrated in fulfilling the need of the ordinary citizens so as to get votes in return (Lawrence, 2009).

Politicians have found new methods of gaining votes. Movies are loved almost everywhere in the world. California is the home of the biggest movie production houses and sites such as Hollywood. Political leaders have been appearing in these movies just to show the people how good they are. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California and is still a movie star. Despite being a republican, he has conquered his political rivals by getting closer to the people through movies. Over the past few years, politicians have been engaging in activities that are preferred by most people such as sports. This way, people get used to them and learn their pros and cons, although it is very hard to notice the negative side of their personalities.

During campaigns, politicians have been seen writing books on their background and political journey. For example, the American president, Barrack Obama wrote a book about his origin, having being raised by his granny after the death of his African father. Another example is of Bill Clinton who escaped home due to the harsh treatment he received from his second father who was a drunkard. In his book he says how he would rescue her mother from his abusive father when he physically abused her. This makes people believe in such people and want to give them a chance. Most of the people believe that individuals who have been through these experiences are the best to serve the society since they know what it feels to struggle or hustle (Grant, 2004).

However, California has proven to grow politically, economically and socially through its clean politics. California's constitution protects the right of ordinary citizen, and punishes political leaders who do not fulfill their promises to the people. California's politics are therefore the best to represent the political face of United States of America.


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