Free Campaign Speech Essay Sample

Hello, America! We stand here today to decide the kind of America we want. I believe that we share this view that we are dissatisfied with the current conditions of America. Our economy has taken a nosedive starting several months before the start of this campaign, the state of our pension scheme is begging for a swift revival, and terrorism is threatening to bring down our nation. One thing though, that stands out: the resilience and tenacity of the American people. Remember that as Roosevelt said, 'Americanism is a about purpose; character, ideology and destiny. It is not a question of birthplace, or creed or line of descent'. I have grown to know that America is the only country whose strength is shaped by challenges. The challenges before us call for rapid awakening, an urgent and determined action from every single American.

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Winston Churchill told the Britons that every generation writes its own story and determines its own destiny, it's a choice, I believe the greatest chance, and this is the appointed generation, to confront and deal with the challenges that we face once and for all. I therefore stand here to rally us behind this urgent call. Let us choose to focus all our energies to bring our nation back to economic vibrancy. I believe today more than never before' that we can banish terrorism, restore our economy to vibrancy, afford a decent retirement package for our aging population and create a secure environment for, first and foremost, every American, and the global community at large. That is the America I want, I know is the America you want, that is the America we want. I invite you to join me in this journey of remaking America. Thank you and May God you. May God bless the United States of America.


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