Free Characteristics of a Totalitarian State Essay Sample

A totalitarian state is one in which the leader has all the powers over the government and the citizens. Totalitarian systems institute complete control over their subjects in their political, cultural and social spheres. During Adolf Hitler’s regime in Germany, the government ran and censored the media barring all forms of communication. This suppressed freedom of speech thus enabling the government to influence popular opinion via propaganda and false news messages. People did not question decisions, no matter how absurd they appeared to be because the consequences were severe to individuals and their families.

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Nazi Germany propaganda was highly effective as the Nazis realized the importance of newspapers and radio broadcasting as a means of communication (Was Hitler’s Germany a Totalitarian State?). The Nazis also recognized the force that the media had and the level of influence that they had over the population. News broadcasts were put in place to showcase parties’ policies and techniques which were used to brainwash the people into a state of belief and hysteria. The totalitarian leader had control over the entire flow of news despite the rumors and opinion spread within the state against the government.

The establishment of private police was publicized to ensure that those who criticized the state were punished or ashamed publicly.  The police and the Gestapo had the power to evict people from their homes and send them off to concentration camps, often without trials. Such actions were meant to make people think twice before questioning the state.

Renowned totalitarians came into power when there states were in dire need of leadership

The fascist Benito Mussolini in Italy and Hitler of German achieved their power through a legal right and once in office, they did away with constitutional restrains. Under Stalin of Russia, totalitarian leadership developed into a personal issue kind of dictatorship. However, his death brought a collective way of political system.

Germany under Hitler gives a good descriptive example of what a totalitarian state was

People did not question decisions, no matter how absurd they appeared to be. Working against the party, or even being perceived as a potential threat would lead to prison, murder or lock down in concentration camps.


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