Free Culture of Liberty Essay Sample

How does the Constitution Establish and Maintain a Culture of Liberty?

Liberty refers to the state or quality of being free and entails the ability to make free choices about individual’s words and actions. Liberty entails to provide any individual with all the rights, guarantees and remedies assigned by constitution of any government or society. The concept of liberty enshrined in the constitution of the United States was borrowed from the ideals and principles of John Locke who reiterates that humans are entitled to the right of liberty under the natural law that governed individuals before we have formed legitimate communities and societies.

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Constitution of the United States establishes the culture of liberty by guaranteeing every citizen legitimate rights for it. When the U.S constitution was established, much effort was directed towards ensuring the guarantees for individual freedoms and rights, therefore, liberty. This is outlined through the Bill of Rights that underlines specific protections of individual liberties. This book highlights that all U.S. citizens are guaranteed to receive freedoms of press, religion, speech, assembly, and freedom form unwarranted servitude and slavery. Additionally, existing criminal laws and regulations state that an individual should not be accused unlawfully; and an individual who is detained under the circumstances of criminal activity is entitled to be provided with a speedy trial and a reasonable bail.                 

After establishing the culture of liberty, the constitution maintains it by ensuring that there are stipulated guidelines and regulations that should be followed to ensure that every individual is guaranteed with his/her own liberty. However,  the liberties guaranteed under the constitution have some restrictions as well. These restrictions are incorporated to further compelling societal or government interests, public safety and the protection of the rights of any individual.         


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