Free Freedom between Saudi Arabia and America Essay Sample

The issue of Freedom in the context of Saudi Arabian as well American political framework requires consideration of many effective factors in term of personal freedom, freedom of press as well as freedom as perceived on the international platform. Every culture evolves with traditions which bind the basic freedom of the people inhabiting the nation. Saudi Arabia in comparison to America, is more closed in its guidelines when it comes to delivery of all the three freedoms to its masses. Tough with emerging globalization there can be seen interaction between communities and cultures leading to opening up to the world. I wish to discuss in this essay the issue of freedom primarily in three perspectives personal freedom for people, freedom of press or media and the global awareness for right to freedom in youth.

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Every nation aspires for democratic freedom in terms of its citizen's. People in Saudi Arabia also wish to experience basic freedom at personal level. Saudi Arabian society is highly segregated, and limited in their access and expression of personal liberty. There is strong hold of family tradition within rigid structure for marriage. Hence life for most people in Saudi Arabia is confined to family, parents and standardized living practice. Women suffer from blatant discrimination, they are denied independence.

The Arab media and press operate on a marginally restricted forum in comparison American democratic practice of freedom of speech and expression for press. The legal system and the political system of the nation dictate its function as the prohibiting factor. The Saudi Arabian media cannot target and attack the head of the State or defame religion which will compromise the peace in the society. There is strong censorship imposed on the journalists. The controls have been tight on television programs as well as radio broadcasts. Even emerging entrepreneurs are limited by their exposure in terms of business decisions.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, America preaches democratic motivation for reform in most countries including Saudi Arabia. It will require massive operation with liaison of political activists to implement or introduce such change, in the rigid framework of the Arabian nation network. The rules are rigid in Saudi Arabian society and people are trained to follow them. Though; the international and global exposure may require some modifications or relaxations of rules which restrict personal freedom and freedom for media for competitive growth of the nation. The struggle is still on!


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