Free From Camelot to Watergate Essay Sample


            The main themes of the ‘From Camelot to Watergate’ political eras include America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The involvement was unpopular with the people, the civil rights movement and legislators causing antiwar protests and the deaths of students during these protests. This period was also plagued with increasing global instability that saw President John F. Kennedy authorize the invasion of Cuba and face down Khrushchev due to the Cuban missile crisis. It also saw Khrushchev illustrate the construction of the Berlin wall.

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            President John F. Kennedy failed to deal with the congress, a move that led to the end of his proposals for federal aid to education, urban renewal, a higher minimum wage, and medical care for the aged. There were also killings of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy that propelled conflict among the American populace. Richard Nixon’s regime sought for the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam assisting in the easing of the rising civil unrest over the war. This period also saw the resignation of President Richard Nixon due to the Watergate scandal.


            The major mood in the country was that of fear and general disturbance. The era saw the assassination of activist Martin Luther King, president john f. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. This increased civil unrest and fueled the flames of war within the country. Global governments were also in turmoil due to the increase in wars and insecurities with the Vietnam War, the invasion of Cuba the bombing of Cambodia and the construction of the Berlin wall. The period also saw the death of students blamed on the National Guard in the course of antiwar protests. This may have instilled fear in the hearts of people. A civil rights act ended legal apartheid in public accommodations due to ethnicity. This may have had a positive effect on the populace, especially those who the discrimination upon.


            Political eras dubbed ‘From Camelot to Watergate’ experienced a myriad of recurring trends that sought to explain the eras. The key trends observed during this period include the killings of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. The killings might have created a less than favorable attitude towards leadership and demoted aspiring leaders. Another significant trend was that of wars in which America was involved in. The war brought about a feeling of unease and distraught that initiated outright protest. During these protests, some students were killed which might have elicited feelings of insecurity among the people. Another trend is the change in presidential power from Kennedy, Johnson to Richard Nixon, all of whom ruled for one term. As a result, assassinations scandals caused a large dislike of the principles they stood for.

Hope for the future dashed by assassination

            Perhaps the greatest promise that was dashed by the assassinations was that possible leaders were dissuaded from stepping up to pick up the mantle of leadership. This would suggest that most future leaders would on surrender to the same fate. This would in turn instill fear in those wishing to compete for leadership positions that would deprive the people of valuable leadership. The future dashed by killing also ended many civil rights actions that were pioneered by the assassinated leaders. Some of these civil rights actions were for the better of the whole country like those angled towards poverty reduction and education.

Vietnam War images

            Vietnam War images depicted horrific living conditions and impact of the battle on residents and militants themselves. These images show of the terror instilled by war and the blatant disregard for life. For instance, a picture of injured military combatants alongside wounded civilians shows the effect of the conflict caused double suffering on both ends o the war. These images portray the harmful effects of war to the world. The images show the alarm imposed on the Vietnamese natives as the Viet Cong sought to deny them of their basic human right of freedom. They also show the people’s perception of the war. Many atrocities were carried out during the war, and many from both sides of the war died. An example of a depicted image during the Vietnamese War is provided below to lead the military grounds with residents and militants suffering because of the assassination plots and governance policies.

Watergate’s Great disappointment

            The water gate scandal was a clear indication of the suppression of democracy. It showed that even in a highly developed country, democracy still suffered under the opposition of the political interests of high-ranking officials. The fact that high-ranking government officials would seek to subvert autonomy to pursue personal goals instead of national goals were viewed as entirely wrong. The fact that Richard Nixon was involved in the crime was even more shameful. Various forms of evidence were given to court to confirm the entire misconduct of the people running the committee for the re-election of the president. This was a highlight of unethical behavior amongst the highest levels of government.


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