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Presidential days in office start after the inauguration ceremony. President Obama began his presidency on 20th January 2009. During the first days President Obama began to foster support for his economic stimulus through American Recovery Act of 2009. In his speech, President Obama reiterated that he would not be judged by the first 100 days in office even though they were important. This in my view was a failure characteristic to Obama unlike the other colleagues. However, in his tenure President Obama has made a number of achievements including the pass of an economic stimulus plan costing $87 billion, making lawful the expanded State Children’s Health Insurance Program, signing of the led better law that required equal pay for women among other achievements.

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The first 100 days of President Johnson were spent capitalizing on his legislative experience and the trauma of the nation due to the assassination of Jack Kennedy. Kennedy was pushing through the Act of Civil Rights a great antipoverty measure. Through this measure President Johnson is concerned with the poor minority as compared to his colleagues that are seen to address problems of the rich and the poor. In his first days, there was a great increase in federal help to education. Reagan as the President took to acting fast this saw him win victories on tax and on spending cuts, finally increases in military spending and eventual stabilization of the economy. This summarizes the steps taken by the three Presidents in their first 100 days in office.

Presidents recorded failures, in Obama’ case he talked carefully on how people were vetted but few days later the nominees had to move out due to corruption charges, this put his vetting process in question. Johnson’s shortcomings include failure of his foreign policy and his false reports about the Vietnam War, which robbed him public coverage. Among the three Presidents, Reagan was the only President who performed wonderfully despite failures of his predecessors, followed by President Obama since he met a number of goals, whereas President Johnson comes last.

President Reagan took office amidst high unemployment and high inflation rates. He lifted the price of domestic petroleum and lowered the windfall gains tax on oil. He brought much relief to America since he improved the ailing economy. President Johnson took office when America waged war against Vietnam. He is one of the few who served in four federal offices that required election. He took office by a great margin of votes. In Johnson’s term, it was a period that prompted the designing of a great society .This was the upholding of civil rights, medical care among other reforms like protection of the environment. Additionally it required help of education and challenges like poverty had to be dealt with. On foreign policy fronts, Obama’s administration has succeeded due to the killing of Al-Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden and the killing of Libyan President Mum mar Gaddafi credits Obama’s success.

Secondly, president Obama’s war in Iraq is ending which is a fulfillment of his goal he made in 2008. Domestically the American economy is unstable, Americans are yearning for jobs, shows his failure on the domestic front. The national security successes may defend him from republican criticism due to his successes on the foreign policy.

The three Presidents have ably led America and score almost the same, though Reagan excels them all.


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