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Illegal immigrants refer to a non-resident who in a country or nation without the country’s government authority or one whose visit is beyond the termination period of a visa. In other terms, an illegal immigrant refers to aliens. This can occur by crossing the border to escape inspection or overstaying the time allowed as a businessperson, tourist, or visitor. Illegal immigration is a key issue in the United States. As some people advocate for the deportation of illegal immigrants, some argue that it is too complex to evict the illegal immigrants. In this argument, both parties- restore various aspects into consideration those who are for deportation and those who are against the action.

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This paper seeks to determine the reasons for both parties. For those who advocate for deportation of illegal immigrants, they cite several reasons to support their argument. They argue that the United States is in a position potential to deport all the illegal immigrants. This is possible through various ways including deporting them in mass or small numbers until they ensure they are all out. The government can make the process of a non-citizen get citizenship more complex than deportation. This will hinder the immigrants.

The United States spends billions and billions of money on the illegal immigrants in terms of welfare, food assistance, medical aid, primary and secondary school education and other requirements. They also argue that the illegal immigrants’ rate of crime is higher in comparison to the American citizens. These crimes include murdering American citizens, smuggling of drugs, sexual offences, and other harmful stuffs. The crimes they commit in turn make the illegal immigrants have a higher number of prisoners in prisons in the country.

The illegal immigrants send to their first home more money than they leave in The United States. The illegal immigrants bring with them fatal diseases like malaria, polio, leprosy, tuberculosis and many more. These diseases are in the past in America’s medical history. These are the principal reasons why the ones who support the deportation of illegal immigrants feel, as it is a significant step to take.

Those against the deportation of illegal immigrants have fronted several reasons. They argue that mass deportation will not be possible as the number of these immigrants is high. If deportation is to take place, it will call for the arresting of individual immigrant and deporting him or her individually. This will require a massive campaign, and it will be expensive on the government. Since there is no evidence of any successful deportation in the past, it will be next to impossible to try it now considering the population of immigrants has grown over the past years.

The illegal immigrants contribute majorly to US economy. The legalization of these immigrants will be much better than deporting them, as it will considerably enhance the economy of the nation. In addition, deporting the illegal immigrants will be economically damaging, as many businesses that rely on foreign labor will decline. Deportation is a traumatic process and will disrupt the families of these illegal immigrants. In the process, of deportation, some may die on the way, and some will lose way with their family members. Many immigrants leave their countries because of several issues like political strife, war, famine, or religious persecution. It is the responsibility and a moral act for the U.S. to support, and protect these people by letting them take refuge in the country and start afresh in life.

From the above arguments, it is clear that it would be extremely difficult to oust even a smaller number of non-citizens by force if it were essential to do so. On the other hand, allowing the immigrants to remain in the country poses a formidable danger to the citizens in terms of security and financially. Most citizens are confident that the state will establish a long lasting solution to the problem of deportation of illegal immigrants.


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